Work Changes.

How do you adjust ?

With XcooBee you can change the paradigm of what work is. Let XcooBee integrate it for you. Relax and enjoy your day.

Subscription Levels

Everything is free during beta and invitation period. Services will be billed annually once beta has ended.



Unlimited receiving

Free for life

100 monthly social points

Social bees lite

30 day retention

5 MB File size limit

Invitation rewards




Unlimited receiving

Unlimited social bees

100 monthly points

Unlimited social sending

90 day rentention

25 MB File size limit

Invitation rewards




Unlimited receiving

Bee trainer

500 monthly points

Landing pad manager

120 day retention

50 MB File size limit

API Access




All professional features

Shareable Flighpaths

1000 monthly points


180 day retention

1 GB File size limit

Charge Control




All business features

Flight Manager

2500 monthly points

20 user account

360 day rentention

2 GB File size limit

Transfer Approvals




Unlimited receiving

Expanded charge manager

Member traffic policies

Custom Bees

Consolidated billing

Custom connectivity

Network reporting


Request Invitation

Currently XcooBee is only open to invited users. We will review and touch base with you if we can accept more users.


XcooBee is a revolution in itself. Yet, a little mystery remains. It is change in view of what the Internet can and should do for you. There have been a few mentions. Some free associations to Social Network Assistant ? Email replacement ? Secure file exchange ? Have been rumored, but nothing has been confirmed so far. We will reveal more details in time ...

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