Recurring Business Workflows

Automate, combine, and scale recurring tasks using our Bee paradigm.

Safe Document Sending

Securely send documents (medical, financial) with high encryption to people and businesses.

PII Data Management

Collect and Manage PII data responsibly and  safely from data-subjects. Automate data life-cycles and stay compliant.

GDPR Consent Management

Manage user consent, data collection, and compliance reporting.

WordPress Plugins

A full line of products for small and medium business. Automate and handle privacy processes with ease.

How it works

Personal Privacy

This will open a new window with video for playback on YouTube. YouTube cookies will be used and Googles privacy policy applies.

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Our Mission

XcooBee is a privacy-focused data exchange network with a mission to protect the digital rights and privacy of consumers and businesses alike.

Using our Privacy Network we connect users to each other and to services on the internet.

We envision a world where people can enjoy online services without giving away their privacy.