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We were founded with the vision to tools, services, and techniques to allow individuals to control the exchange, distribution and management of their own information while allowing businesses fair use. We noticed, that when it comes to consumers, tools were not easy to access or were collecting and selling data, which is counter to the spirit of offering.

Thus, we at XcooBee offer many privacy tools to our community that are free and open source. We followed a privacy-by-design principle and strict data-deleting cycles to create our services. You can even bring your own encryption keys that will make it impossible for us to read any communication that is sent to you. In short, you decide.

Most features are available in our privacy app as well as through our web-base UI.

Privacy Email Exchanges

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Email Guard allows you to use one mailbox with many faces. You control all Email Guard link-addresses and their behavior. You never have to give out your actual email to anyone. If any link-address misbehaves, you  can easily dispose of it. Email Guard reduces the stress that is associated with users sharing emails. Go crazy with your Email Guard: Go to a conference and avoid the uncomfortable “No”, participate in those sweepstakes and always stay in control. Best of all, you can do this all inside your current mailbox. Nothing changes for you. On the go? Use our mobile app to generate and give out link emails in seconds.

Secure Document Exchanges

Everyone needs to send documents securely sometimes without having to use emails. With XcooBee this is very easy to do. Just drop any document into the Send Files tile and fill in who you wish to receive it. You can trace the journey. You will be informed  when it is in their inbox or when they download it.

With a simple personal subscription, you can even reverse this, people can send you larger files securely without dropping things into emails.

Easy and secure file sending and receiving: Done !

Managed Contact Data Sharing

The time of when we used to share physical business card is quickly coming to an end. But, the new tools that we use make us loose track of who we gave our information to and how to update it quickly.

The XcooBee privacy contact sharing features can come to the rescue. Easily determine your contact data, send it via email or XcooBee, then track its use in our management UI. You can see who has what version of your data. If you make updates, you can similarly update all your previous recipients with a button click.

If we should ever get back to in-person meetings, you will enjoy using our XcooBee app. Just shake it at the same time with the person you intend to share the contact information and you both will see each other on a radar where you can exchange your data. Cool, right.

Of course, all this works whether the recipient has a XcooBee account or app or not.

Managing your contact card distribution could not be easier.

Managed Subject Access Requests

How do you keep track of your data and who has it? Under the GDPR in the EU and under CCPA in US, individuals have the right to make a request for their data and get a copy in a reasonable time frame.

However most companies are not prepared for this effectively or have convoluted processes. You can use each company’s tool and then repeatedly visit or remind them; or, have XcooBee do this for you automatically in a managed fashion.

XcooBee has a data request tool for you to use that allows you to track all your data-requests in one place. You can see which company has responded and who has still outstanding request against them. What’s more, we already have a list of thousands of companies and their contact references pre-populated so you can drop then right in; and, you can receive your returned data securely with the XcooBee delivery into your inbox. No further exposure or loss through careless emailing.

The recipient companies do not need a XcooBee account and can still respond to you requests. As long as you have a contact email you can use XcooBee to manage this task for you. Easy, right?

Universal Supervisory Authority Complaint

The GDPR gives individual broad privacy rights and is the beacon by which other privacy legislation is measured. However, when companies do not comply you cannot prosecute a them directly to enforce those rights. You will need to report any complaints to a designated Supervisory Authority. They question is which one? And, how?

XcooBee makes this easy with the Universal Authority Complaint tool. Here you can create a specific or general complaint and pick any of the supported authorities to send your complaint. You can see when they respond and track interactions for each of the complaints.

Isn’t time that individuals had tools to do this, rather than just companies. Well, with XcooBee, this is part of your toolkit for free.

Even more tools

You have of course you have more things than we can outline here. For example you can easily manage all your consents from companies that use XcooBee tools and services. You have full insight into all data shared, purpose, and expiration.

This concept is extended to all payment transactions. Should you make a purchase from anyone who is using XcooBee, you will automatically have control of your data and can view your old transactions.

Similarly for small and larger business that operate websites, we have tools that they can take advantage of.

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