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PDF Menus are old Technology

XcooBee’s free smart-menu system removes the frustration of navigating PDF menus while giving you instant analysis tools, quick changes, digital signage, mobile interaction, sentiment analysis, and more. Get started in minutes. Use it for free, no credit card needed.


Beautiful   Menus  in Minutes

Create beautiful interactive menus for your customers that can dynamically adjust to their need. Manage everything from your mobile phone. Remove guest frustrations with slow loading, pinch and zooms, and generally difficult to use, dead-end PDFs. PDFs are web 1.0 technology that fulfilled a stop gap function. With smart menus you can go far beyond this, allow social media shares, capture guest interactions and feedback, automatically adjust menus and much more.

How   Does it Work  

Our solutions are frictionless for users. No app. No Account. No downloads.

Create your account in 2 mins or less. No credit card needed.


Create items and add them to your menu . Set availability for each section if you need.

Publish your menu. Let your guests interact with your beautiful new creation.

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Beautiful menus that are instantly searchable, sortable, and discoverable without extra clicks. You can even add colorful tags to indicate specials or allergy conditions. In short, give your guests as much information as you know they always wanted. Detailed ingredient lists, online links and beautiful pictures are easy to integrate. XcooBee smart-Menus can do many things, but  most importantly they are easy to understand and operate. Simply try and scan the QR code here and get an idea of the guest experience. Clear, fast, informative screens, no manual needed.

Scan & Try

I tried a few different tools to publish my daily menu online and on my truck. This is the most powerful tool I I have tried. I can publish things online and at my truck.  It was also very easy to setup Spanish and English at the same time.
Juan Pablo GomezEl Taco amarillo
We added pictures and quite a few food ingredients quickly and replaced a slow loading pdf menu that was hard for our customers to use.  Simply smartMenu looks nice and works well for our customers. Our staff does not need to explain how to download things anymore. We have one system that changes lunch and dinner menus automatically.
Tina Anh NguyenAsia Taste Express
We have quite a few mandarin speaking patrons. We were able to add mandarin descriptions and pictures and highlight our daily specials with multiple images. This looks great and is easy tool for guest to order from. I can manage the menu from my phone without hiring a web-person. If we sell out, I simply mark it off and republish.
Ken LaurierGrillmaster Ken's

Your Benefits

Touch Free Menus You Can Change

XcooBee is a pioneer in contactless QR technology. Our technology works seamlessly with Android and iOS and for all screen sizes. No more awkward PDF pinch and Zoom and reading problems. Your menus are beautiful, flexible, searchable and changeable by you. No longer do you need a technology expert at midnight to change your menu. You can do so at a click of a button.

Save Printing Cost, Boost Revenue

XcooBee smart-Menus use smart-QRs. Our QR codes are made for longevity and do not have to be changed. For example, planned menu changes are easy, XcooBee smart-Menus can switch based on time and/or day, for example from lunch to dinner or brunch. All with one QR code and zero confusion.
Similarly, our menus adjust to users language requirements and can handle multiple languages simultaneously with descriptive tags and categorization. The net result: higher order values for you.

Social Media
Built In

Your guests can sing your praises and easily share your beautiful menu items on Pinterest, Facebook, or twitter. They can create trending items for you and increase your visibility without you spending a fortune. Of course you get interaction analysis from XcooBee as well.

Interactivity and Translations

XcooBee automatically speaks multiple languages for you. Guest see the menu in different languages if possible. They can also add personal item ratings for future visits and you can see your menu in a new light with deep rankings and analysis now available to you at the click of a button.

Don’t get stuck with yesterday’s technology.

Digital Signage Built In

Sometimes you need to show your menu in large format on flat screens or on large TVs. This is not the same as mobile. The good news here is that XcooBee smart Menus has you covered.
You can create beautiful digital signs with animated menus and store displays that can change at the click of a button. You manage them from the same content. No more old chalkboard menu needed. Easy to read, easy to interact, engaging menus that look good at any scale.

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Add local delivery management

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Multiple locations

Enterprise access management and active directory

Enhanced content management and controls

Data analytics with AI

Additional languages

Customer interactive ordering

Dedicated content managers

Customized designs

Basic plans start from $29 or €24/month + 1% transaction fees.

Simply start with the free smart-menu and upgrade at any time.

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