In Seat Experience:
Happier Fans and Improved Revenue !

Easy ordering combined with additional sponsorship revenue: Uncompromising ROI and Fan Experience.
Time to free yourself of POS restriction and clunky mobile ordering.
Go fully contactless everywhere!
Quick and Easy implementation regardless of any existing infrastructure.

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Try it for yourself – It’s Easy

XcooBee In-Seat ordering can do many things, but it is easy to understand how it works. Simply try and scan the QR code here and get an idea of the fan experience. Clear, fast, informative screens, no manual needed. (Of course, in this example, the payment will not complete since this a demo site.)

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Your Benefits

20% Revenue Boost

The average increase of transaction size with systems like XcooBee. Let us show you using your data.

Happy Sponsors

Give sponsors a platform to interact and measure engagement with fans. From games, to lead gen, to online campaign expansions… of course this also is a revenue boost for you.

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Happy Fans

45% of fans have not ordered from you because because they fear they will miss out. Give fans fully contactless food & beverage ordering, combine many different food outlets and even merchandise. Integrate seamlessly with local delivery. In short, let the fans focus on fan experiences rather than fan frustrations.

Reduced Staff

XcooBee allows for unparalleled efficiency gains in kitchen, delivery, and service operations. Combine and manage larger kitchens, give staff more information faster, reduce errors and rework. All combined, reduce your cost and need for staff.


Bring the 21st Century to your Venue

65% of Fans would use in-seat ordering if offered. But, what is you offered them even more?
With XcooBee you are giving fans what they want but go beyond the clunky basic mobile ordering offered by POS systems.
For example, children drive a lot of the purchases, so XcooBee allows parents and children to interact while purchasing items.
But there is so much more: Combine food & beverage from multiple outlets, even retail merchandise, allow team specific stores per event, make reordering easy and convenient, provide an integrated venue local delivery experience, etc.
The pandemic has changed user expectations. Fans expect technology to be available to support their lives outside and inside the stadium.
XcooBee combines new sponsorship revenue opportunities with frictionless ordering features to give you unparalleled ROI.
This goes far beyond simple POS mobile ordering. Simply: In Seat Experience is geared towards the fan.

Fan Happiness leads to Venue Revenue

45% of Fans have abandoned food and beverage lines without a purchase.  While studies show that we can improve fan conversion by cutting wait time in line: For example by reducing the wait time in half fans can spent an average 40% more. How do you get there?
XcooBee In-Seat Experience can help you with that and take it further. What if you could reduce the congestion around the food outlets, allow fans options of touchless pickup and / or in-location delivery, combine outlets and even merchandise? You can with XcooBee.
The impact is not just felt by the fan sitting in their seat; it is also felt by the fan standing in line. And most importantly an overall uptick in revenue of all channels.


Your Venue Your Brand

XcooBee reflects and helps you extends your brand. You can decide the look of feel, the outlets that participate, the level of engagement. Combine it with digital event informaiton, bathrooms locators, sponsor messages. And, of course, adjust for the whole seasons weather you have one team or multiple teams we can make sure that the fans get to see exactly what they need.

No App. No Account. No Signup needed.

In-Seat Experience (ISX) vs. Point of Sale (POS)

This is similar to asking: “What is the difference between horse and buggy and a modern automobile?”


“… XcooBee ISX easily pays for the cost of your POS. It is a revenue generator not a cost center.”

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