XcooBee is a change in view of what the Internet can and should do for you. Our primary mission is give the power of privacy back to users. The short version of this is:

People Powered Privacy


We believe that:

  • Companies¬† should not sell your privacy or exchange your data without your consent.
  • Companies should put the security of their users in front and center of their actions.
  • Companies should make sure that your right to be forgotten is respected.

They should all be more like XcooBee !! ;o)

Without the active involvement of users, change is unlikely. Without good tools for users to take charge of their privacy and security it will be difficult to bring about this change and be active. In short, users are excluded because they cannot participate or represent their needs significantly in data-exchanges. A catch-22 it might seem.

At XcooBee we want to change that.

Our goal is to deliver tools, services, and techniques to allow individuals to control the exchange, distribution and management of their own information.

The XcooBee network and services is where we start.