Our mission is to protect the digital rights and privacy of consumers and businesses alike.

The XcooBee Privacy Network is the network for managing all your operational privacy information: Data, documents, and consent flow together with purpose-built tools to facilitate easy implementation of GDPR and CCPA requirements. To reduce your complexity, we also manage robust encryption, digital-rights, and scalable workflow while providing easy interaction tools to your end-users. Operate without reinventing the privacy-wheel and get your applications to market faster with the XcooBee Privacy Network.

Our Platform

Our platform brings together a document network, a data network, and a consent network to connect users and businesses with each other. We make privacy tools and services that are easy to use and approach compliance from the user perspective. This helps us to bring back trust to the data-ask.

We invented a better technology for privacy. The XcooBee Privacy Network is really three networks in one. One network for documents, one network for consents, and one network for PII data. All together forming a better network for corporate and individual privacy. This allows you to seamlessly move from document processing, to data movement, to transparently obtaining consent for business processing.

XcooBee’s technology is user centric. We built a system we would like to use ourselves. For example, XcooBee’s Bee paradigm used on our document network is our way to make privacy and security more approachable to individuals. But it also allows for high scalability. Transactions can involve single tasks all the way up to recurring business workflows using Bee hives. The more complex the workflow, the more Bees users can select.

Join XcooBee today to get your applications to market faster while reducing your privacy-operations costs.

Our Vision

We deliver tools, services, and techniques to allow individuals to control the exchange, distribution and management of their own information while allowing businesses fair use.

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