Bringing together privacy and payment technologies into transformative solutions for retail and hospitality.

One platform many uses.

At XcooBee we took the longer and more difficult path to build a truly flexible tool that has Privacy by Design principles and security at its core to built a comprehensive menu and ordering platform. We built a whole platform where payments can be included into the hospitality ecosystem.  In short, we made XcooBee a platform that secure payments and privacy applications can be build on top of easily. Why?

Diverse Team

At XcooBee we are builders at heart. We like to invent and create.  

In that spirit, our diverse team from Ukraine, India, Mexico, and US has created an incredible dynamic and scalable platform by challenging each other to see all global viewpoints and not lose sight of the human factors. We have deep expertise in data-security, banking, enterprise purchasing, and global financial tech that we bring to the table and can demonstrate hands-on in the products we create.

Amazing Building Blocks

Our amazing building blocks for payment and privacy operations can be orchestrated dynamically to create many different solutions. These are like Legos that can be put together in ever changing ways. We have assembled them into fully working solutions that you can read about on our web pages. Or, you can also contact us to discuss your own ideas of building something awesome together.