Why  Payments for Teams are Different

How do you allow team members or sub-contractors to process payments without implementing expensive systems or exposing yourself to data-security risks?

XcooBee Register Assistant (RA) is your easy-to-use, low-cost, contactless, and secure mobile terminal-app specifically created with your multi-user business in mind.  Whether you are a cleaning business, a home-health business, or a pest-control business, or a multi-national enterprise, you can easily distribute our app to the entire team. With no-terminal fees to worry you don’t have to miss revenue opportunities because of cost or complexity.

Easy Roll Out

Once you have setup the XcooBee account, you only need to have your team-member download the XcooBee Register Assistant. This is your remote terminal. Your team member only needs to download the app and scan a QR and they are ready to process payments on your behalf. Nothing else is needed.

Use Stripe and Paypal

You can continue to use contracts you already have in place with PayPal or Stripe or signup for a new Stripe account inside XcooBee. We will help you manage payment cycles, refunds, returns, subscriptions all from one XcooBee backend UI. Get money into your accounts quickly.

Integrate XcooBee to your Own Platform Seamlessly

Need more? XcooBee is a flexible platform that you can use to build many types of solutions including cloud processing and integration to your business.

Want to build your own app? XcooBee can help you to add contactless payment to your app in minutes. We have examples for you to build many types of solutions directly. If you need further assistance, please contact us to share your use-case and let’s explore together.

Flexible Use

The Register Assistant is very simple to use. Simply tap the manual entry button, enter the amount for the charge and a QR will be generated for your customer to scan and pay.

You can, of course, have a customer add their own total or even include a Tip calculator as part of the checkout.

Your team members can extend their reach easily by asking for payment via Text and Email or even direct entry if all else should fail.

True flexibility in the field also allows the Register Assistant to partially work offline and thus it can be used even when there is no connectivity at all.

Of course, even when the payment is completed on remote devices and terminals, your team member is notfied about success failure via push messaging like in any other app.

Simple & Powerful.

Simple Plans

XcooBee has very simple plans to get you started. For developers and casual users we suggest our free pay-as-you-go Professional Subscription. No credit card needed to get started.

Free Professional Account


and for businesses with more volume we suggest our Business Subscription starting at $49/month with an annual commitment or $69/monthly. Of course, you can try it for 14-days for free.

Smart Business Account


Both plans come with unlimited terminals and access to payment projects. See here for more details.

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No Customer Apps Needed

There is no app required to complete the payment. Any customer device can participate and we even have you covered when customers do not have a mobile phone or computer as well. Credit cards can be processed directly even with camera support to for entry when available. In short, there is no reason why should not be able to process payments in the field.

Android and iOS

The Register app is supported for both Android:

And Apple iOS:

Get Started Quickly

Our rollouts can be done very quickly. Even if you have never done online payment processing we can get your team to start processing payments inside an hour.

You can use the video guide below or our written tutorials to set things up. We’ll also be glad to assist. Schedule a time with an implementation consultant to walk you through. Simple use the in-app chat feature after you have created your XcooBee account.

Learn how to setup your register assistant app:

In this video we show you how to configure you register assistant app. In essense you only need to download the app on the mobile device that needs to use it and then, scan one of your QR codes. Here is the detailed walk through from creating the payment project in XcooBee to processing payments:

This will open a new window with video for playback on YouTube. YouTube cookies will be used and Googles privacy policy applies.

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Questions ?

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