Modern Crowdfunding

Sometimes you need helping hands.

Whatever the reason you need help, you also need a strong system that is flexible and does not block the funds you have worked so hard to raise. Get the funds as soon as they are raised with many tools to reach your supporters such as online, offline, web, social-media, and multi-language options.
XcooBee SupportMe projects are available with XcooBee Professional subscriptions and will allow you to raise individual and monthly support without any time or giving limits. Get started in 30mins and try for 14 days. Our out-of-the-box solution also ensures quick and safe donor data management. A win-win for all.

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Why Crowdfund with XcooBee?

Be raising

in no time

You can get started incredibly quickly and receive money in days. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, XcooBee does not act as middle-man for your money and does not make money on held funds. There are no limits on time or how much you can raise. You can get started quickly as well. Setup a Stripe account and setup your project in 10 minutes. See example tutorial video.

Shield your

user data

XcooBee’s state-of-the-art software encrypts your donors’ data and protects it from threats. Not even XcooBee can see it. Privacy-by-design allows secure giving without data harvesting.

Give a seamless

experience and reach

With XcooBee, your donors can manage and update their data with ease, online, and on their own time. And, with XcooBee Funding Panels, you can extend your reach through your supporters who can help you  spread the word and have mini-campaigns to support you.

More funds


With XcooBee-SupportMe crowdfunding you are in charge of your campaign and you can directly deposit funds from your Stripe account to your bank account in days not weeks. Our fees are simple. We charge a flat 4% fee for any SupportMe project on top of your Stripe processing fees but only after you have raised $12. You can accept individual and monthly contributions easily.

A Solution for All Your Crowdfunding Needs


How do you ask people that walk by your car, stand, or art project for support? Simple. You use XcooBee  Paper-to-Action with smart QR codes to add a quick and secure way for your supporters to fund you.

Donor Centric


Times are changing and you want to make sure that your supporters have peace of mind when they are trying to give to you.  With XcooBee you will be at the forefront of new privacy requirements that are being voiced by your supporters: Respect your supporters privacy. With the implementation of XcooBee-SupportMe you are answering the question with a resounding “Yes”!

Extend Your


Our innovative Funding Panel system allows your supporters to support you financially and also increase your reach. Your supporters can model new campaigns based on your campaign with individual goals and their own design. They can reach out to their friends and social connections to publicize your message.

This is like a magic wand that leads to more people talking about you. Cutting through the noise and getting the awareness you need maybe the difference between your project failing or flourishing.

Every dollar counts. We understand and stand with you.

Times are difficult and the future seems more uncertain every day. A virus does not make distinctions between colors, background, religion, or political beliefs. Neither do we. We are convinced we will get through this together !

No subscription charge for XcooBee Professional!

Until May 31st. 2020 we have removed all subscription fees for XcooBee Professional subscription with SupportMe. This is valid for one year. There is no reason to not give it a try.

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