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ReactJS Cookie Kit

Download and use

Published as Open Source under Apache-2.0 License

The React Cookie Kit is special purpose build of the XcooBee Cookie Kit (XCK) Cookie Consent Management library for use in ReactJS environments.

Main components and further documentation:

Using XCK with React

You need to add the cookie kit as dependency in your project

npm install react-cookie-kit --save

Inside your code you need to import the cookie kit

import CookieKit from 'react-cookie-kit';

We also recommend that you import the style sheet

import 'react-cookie-kit/dist/xck-react.css';

inside your render() method you can, then, use the cookie kit with all the available options:

          requestDataTypes={['advertising', 'application', 'statistics', 'usage']}
            "de-de": "Die Beschreibung. Wir benutzen Cookies.",
            "en-us": "The description. We use Cookies.",
            "es-419": "La descripción. Nous utilisons des cookies.",
            "fr-fr": "La description. Usamos cookies.",

For further information on the type of available options and their use please consult the general documentation under Full Parameter Reference.

Example App

A ReactJS example app is available in zip format for you to use in the example directory of this package or online:

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