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XcooBee Interaction Model

The XcooBee interaction model is based on the desired level of interactivity and control. We allow developers to build full interactivity from whitebox UI to code libraries.

Embedding bees

Any bee in XcooBee can be embedded into your own website. If you see a special feature that you would like your users to able to have, this may be the simplest way to do it.
For example, if you would like to have a drop zone where users can send you a document, you can embed the Send File bee. With higher level subscription, a whole sequence of tasks can be started that way. For example, accept an image, watermark it, resize it for your print shop.

We allow developers to embed bees (agent modules) into any of their websites. After you sign up for a developer account and you will notice additional buttons in the bee detail screens. With the bee configurator you can also construct drop areas and change the styling of your embedded bee.

Embedding Consent & Data Collection

If you use online forms and want to be able to directly receive data into your system from XcooBee you can work with embeddable consent and data portions. You will need a professional and higher subscription to do so. You can generate embed scripts from your consent center and place them on the forms on your website.

File Interface

The file API allows you to connect to XcooBee via SFTP protocol and provide and receive documents. You can upload thousands of documents for processing and provide detailed processing instructions easily. You can also share process queues with your partners so they can send you documents directly into your workflows.


We at XcooBee also plan to produce plugins for some more popular platforms such as WordPress that make it easy to add privacy features to your site. Simply install plugin and configure it. Review each plugins documentation for details

XcooBee SDKs

SDKs allow developers to embed privacy features into their own code. They can call on XcooBee bees or consent management and handle events. We have planned SDKs for PHP, Java, JavaScript, #net
The SDKs build higher level abstraction and provide best practices to the lower level XcooBee API calls.

XcooBee API

If you want to build the complete experience from UI to interactions, you can use the XcooBee API directly. XcooBee uses a GraphQL based interaction model and you can shape your calls according to the data you need. We have full documentation available for you to build on.

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