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We appreciate that you are exploring XcooBee solutions through AppSumo.
We have created a full step by step walk through guide as well as tutorial videos to guide you through the process of getting started.

Step By Step Walk Through

Here is our walk-through document that shows you how to activate your mobile terminals and payments.

Walkthrough Document

Video Tutorials

You can review our YouTube Playlist for more information. We will post more videos as they become available

XcooBee with AppSumo Video List

We understand that Contactless processes are here to stay. XcooBee gets you a jump start for many areas of your business and has security, privacy and simplicity baked in.

So, if you are ready to bring contactless payments and automation to your business and your customers, then XcooBee is an ideal application for you!!


Q 1 What are the limitations for the system?

XcooBee Appsumo deal allows for unlimited non-payment projects and for one active payment project.

XcooBee can process many types of transactions such as event tickets, fundraising, or retail purchases. Your account allows you to only have one type of payable project active at any given time.

Q 2 What are XcooBee bees?

You may see references in some of our writing to XcooBee Bees. These are mini-programs (tasks) that we use to create larger workflows. All XcooBee processes are constructed by using bees as building blocks. You still have access to them directly and can construct your own workflows. However, we would recommend that you schedule training first.

Q 3 Can I ask where the information is stored?

XcooBee stores limited transaction information in the AWS cloud. Depending on your geographic zone of signup those will be in US East coast (US), or Ireland (European signup). Most information for long term storage is passed to your Google account and stored in Google Sheets.

Q 4 Can I have multiple businesses on same account?

No, only one business is supported by the application per account for the Appsumo deal.

Q 5 What is SDK Integration? Is it Chargeable?

XcooBee offers open source SDKS that you can use to expand the system functionality and integrate more closely into your processes. There is no extra charge for using SDKs or APIs.

Q 6 Can I connect multiple Google accounts?

No. You can only authorize one Google account at a time.

Q 7 Do you offer White Label?

Yes for larger businesses we have higher tier of subscription that includes White Labeling.

Q 8 What about one-time costs for Appsumo customers – e.g. payment processors or terminals?

There are no extra one-time costs. Your Appsumo subscription includes unlimited terminals and you can connect to a selection of payment processors like Stripe, Saferpay, or Paypal. There are no-signup costs for this.

Q 9 Do you have on-going cost for storage, CPU, # of records?

Yes and no. We do not charge for these directly. As you process more transactions you use XcooBee transaction points. There are no charges for storage.

Q 10 What are XcooBee transaction points?

XcooBee uses transaction points to manage the fair use of resources (CPU, storage, hosting) etc. Your account comes with a monthly allocation of 500 points if you purchased the lifetime deal (before 2021). Unused points are accumulated but expire after 12 month.
If you purchased the yearly deal (2021 onward), you have unlimited points for one year. We refill your balance when you run low. Simply contact support.

Q 11 How many transactions can I run in a month?

Normally payment transactions consume 5 points from start to finish. If you are only processing payments, you can run up to 100 payments with your Appsumo lifetime subscription (before 2021). You can load extra points on demand or automatically.

If you purchased the 1-year unlimited deal (2021 onward), you have no limits. We will refill your balance as needed.

Please reach out to us if you regularly have to process more transactions or have special circumstances, i.e. non-profit, fighting against Covid etc. We are here to assist.

Q 12 How much do points cost?

Transaction points can be loaded inexpensively. There are volume discounts, but an extra 500 points is currently $4.80. You can load them manually when you need or automatically when your balance is low. This is not needed during your initial year if you purchased the 1-year-unlimited deal (2021 onward). We will reload points for you at no cost.

Q 13 What are XcooBee Projects?

XcooBee uses the concept of projects to organize work. Think of them as apps that do a certain task. This is the easiest level to interact with XcooBee. There are many types of projects possible with your Appsumo subscription, e.g. Payments, Fundraising, Events, Vouchers, e-Waivers, etc.
All of them have a contactless/touchless component that you can use as well.

Q 14 I don’t see a type of Project, can you create one?

Possibly so. Please talk to us if you see a project type that you need for your business but do not see. We will collect all inputs and adjust our roadmap accordingly.

Q 15 What is Email Guard?

Email Guard is one of the XcooBee privacy tools that is part of your subscription. It is an email aliasing tool. You can create emails to give to others and control how long they are active. You interact with everyone like you normally would through your regular mailbox.

Q 16 Why do you have consent management?

We designed XcooBee originally as a privacy platform and those tools are still available. If you have no data/privacy compliance needs, you can leave them hidden.

Q 17 Can I create custom email templates and use them instead?

The Appsumo business subscription does not have this feature but our regular Enterprise subscription allows you to customize all aspects of communication including emails.

Q 18 Can I customize the payment receipts?

Yes you can create payment receipts with your own designs. You will need to understand HTML, CSS, and Handlebars in order to create a template. We have published examples, but you may wish to consult with a designer or programmer for this.

Q 19 What is Register Assistant App?

The Register Assistant component of XcooBee plugs into your XcooBee account and can be given to team members in the field without data risk to your account. They can use it to process contactless payments.

Q 20 How does my team get notified about completed payments from Register Assistant?

Each user that uses the Register Assistant will be notified via standard mobile notification when a payment completes. The business/account owner also sees payments coming in while logged in to their dashboard.

The account owner can also enable emails to be sent when new payments are recorded.

Q 21 Does XcooBee support multiple languages and currencies?

Yes, we currently support English, Spanish, French and German. Users can provide text in any of these languages for processing. We also support several currencies. Currently, USD, EUR, THB, MXN, GBP, AUD, and CAD are supported.

Q 22 How many users can my account have?

The Appsumo subscription allows for one named owner/user. You can connect unlimited terminals (Register Assistant App users) to it. Enterprise subscription will be available shortly to expand this limit.

Q 23 Do you have any Public Roadmap?

No the roadmap we have is for internal use only 🙂

Q24 Do you have integrations with Zapier?

Integrations with Zapier is already possible through XcooBee webhooks in each of the project.

Q25 Can I Join XcooBee Reseller Network ?

Yes you can write to sales@nullxcoobee.com and our Partnership Team will get in touch.

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