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Creating XcooBee Projects

Projects quickly bring together a few aspects of XcooBee and configure them for you automatically. This helps you solve specific problems quickly such as managing and event signup or asking for donations.

Many projects require that users connect with outside services such as Google Drive or Stripe Payment processing. You use a Project Wizard to walk you through the process of configuring and changing projects but for the initial setup you also need to prepare some information.

XcooBee Authorizations

For projects to work you should first configure your basic account. This includes:

Setup your Campaign Basic Information

We also recommend that you add your DPO contact information and a logo to your campaigns. DPO information is required for European accounts. You can access this from your Campaign Administration.

Please note that your logo has specific requirements. It should be either PNG or JPG format with a maximum size of 200×200 pixels. This is used in consents to identify your company asking for information.

External Information Needed

In order to quickly complete the project wizard you can collect information before you start.

  • Google: If you use custom templates or we are saving data to Google Sheet, you need to authorize XcooBee to access your Google Account. For Google Sheet, you should create an empty sheet on your drive.

  • Payment Provider: XcooBee uses Stripe or Braintree payments to process payments on your behalf. You need create an account and gather the API keys. Once you have them, please use the

  • Logo Link URL: We use your logo link to create Ticket or Receipts. This should be in either jpg or png format. The max height is 200 pixels the max width is 400 pixels. The URL needs to be accessible via the Internet.

  • Bloomerang: To connect to Bloomerang you need to have your API keys and authorize XcooBee to use them.

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