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Creating Your First XcooBee Project

When you start with XcooBee it may seem a little difficult to understand what to do next. If you are a Professional or Business user, we recommend you create a project.

Projects are how we have pre-built solutions for you that you can easily configure and use that bring together many aspects of XcooBee to solve a problem. You can easily configure many types of projects. From membership fee collection to the selling and managing of tickets for online or real-word events..

For Professional and Business users, this tutorial will walk you from the first time in your dashboard to creating your first successful Payment Request project.

A Payment Request project can be used to accept payments for general goods and services. It is very flexible. You can make Venmo-like secure payment requests to anyone in the world. Your recipients do not need a special app or even a XcooBee account to make the payment to you.

So let’s get started:

First time in Dashboard


Your dashboard is divided into three bands. The top band has your basic service access where you can hire bees and send files and see you consent health status.

The middle band has the quick access to your project center and informational trend graphs.

The bottom band will show you activities in the system as they occur and allows real-time insight into transactions as they are being processed.

We will use the middle band to start. Please click or tap on the “Project Center” button to open your Project Center.

Empty Project Center

The easiest way to have XcooBee configure everything is to just click on “Configure automatically now”. This will establish all the encryption keys and setup your account for auto-reload. This should rarely be needed since points accumulate with your subscription automatically. Auto-reload is to ensure that you do not run out of transaction points and stop a project transaction in the middle of execution.

When the system is finished setting up your environment it will allow you to download your private and secret keys. Please download and keep these safe.

Project Center Ready

Congratulations! When you see the large “+” blue button, you have configured your environment successfully. You are now ready to create unlimited projects. Let’s click on the “+” button to start the Project Wizard.

Project Wizard Start – Select Type of Project

On the first step of the Project Wizard you see the projects that are already been loaded for your account. We are continuing to create and update these and more projects are being added all the time.

Depending on your subscription level there might be differnt project types for you to access.

Each project has a description on suggested use. You can, of course, use any project at any time for another purpose that works for you. For example the Attendee List project can be generically used for any type of list, such as volunteer list, wait list, tournament signup, etc.

Please select the Payment Request project type to proceed.

Project Wizard – Step 2 – Project Details

The basic project information screen

You start your wizard by filling the basic information such as public name and description. On the description you will notice a language selector.

Many input areas in XcooBee will have a language selector that will allow you to make inputs in different languages. XcooBee will present the most fitting language to your users or customers.

You continue to fill out each step of the wizard. Most of these are self-explanatory or have information on the screen with explanations.

A typical data request screen may look like this in the US. In the EU you should you should leave “Show user the Sharing option” checkbox checked and accept the XcooBee defaults to be compliant with EU GDPR regulations.

Requested Data Step

Configuring Connectivity



In order for most projects to work, XcooBee has to connect you to external processors of data. XcooBee does not store data, except necessary transaction meta-information.

We use common tools and services that most people are familiar with such as Stripe and Paypal for payment and Google Sheet for tabular storage. You walk through all of the connection options and provide the authorization or needed keys.

For keys we also let you know where on the service you can find them and copy them to XcooBee.

The Project Option

Project options is where you configure project behaviors. Normally the only required option is the selection of a Google Sheet for tabular data-store. You can leave all other option in their default.

We would recommend that you add a logo.

Project Summary Screen

The project summary screen allows you to review all your choices one more time before activating the project.

When you activate your project XcooBee will build the project configuration on the XcooBee network and push it out to all our processing edge-servers. Edge-servers are distributed across the internet and allow users to have fast response times.

Once a project is activated you can start using it via the project access bar.

The Project Access Bar

Project Access Bar in Project Wizard
Project Access Bar in Project Center

The project access bar is a bar of buttons that you can use to expose the integration elements of the project. You have completed the project wizard steps at this point and can now start using your project. Commonly there are four different tools for you to use:

URL Link Generator

The URL Link generator will allow you to generate a project link you can use in your social media, email, or website to open the project forms and start the user interaction.

QR Code Generator

The QR code generator allows you to create smart QR codes that give access to the project forms to users. User can scan them from the mobile phones and start interacting with your project

Embedded Button

The embedded button generator draws buttons for your website. You can copy and paste the HTML code to your website wherever you want the user interaction to start.

Embedded Form

The embedded form element will help you generate full HTML code that you can copy and paste to your website. On your website users will see the form of your project and begin to interact with it.

The Republish Notice

Depending on the options chosen you may see a republish warning during editing of your project. This means that XcooBee has seen you changes, but your changes have not been made available to your users yet.

You can continue editing your project until you have made all the changes that you need. Once you are ready, simply click on the notice itself or on the Project Access Bar on any of the buttons.

This will start a new publishing cycle of your project to the edge-servers. To make the changes everywhere it may take a few minutes. Please wait an retry a few times. After republishing your project updates, your changes should be available to your users.

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