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Find PayPal API Keys

How to get PayPal Client ID and Secret Key?

Many apps (and developers) need API username, password and signature from PayPal account. It may be hard to find these details in PayPal admin interface. Here’s how to get them.

If you need more detail information please consult the PayPal documentation.

Follow steps below to easily get PayPal Client Key and Secret Key:

Step 1 : Go to PayPal 

Step 2 :  If you have a PayPal account, login, else Sign Up



Step 3 : On the dashboard, go to My Apps & Credentials.

If you do not see a screen like this try accessing the developer portal directly https://developer.paypal.com


Step 4 : Click on Create App


Step 5 :  Enter App Name, select Sandbox Developer account and click on Create App


Step 6 :  Here is your Client ID and click on show button for showing Secret key


Step 7 : Click on Show hyperlinked text to see Secret Key. Copy both the keys



Step 8 :  Now paste the keys in the XcooBee Authorization dialog

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