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Register Attendees at Event

With XcooBee you can create a simple event system that allows users to signup and control their data and privacy.

During this process you can also collect entrance fees if you charge fees for your event.

If you do not have your own integration that you wish to use, XcooBee will allow you to track attendees via Google Sheets. How much data is sent to the Google sheet depends on the consent the attendees grant you.

Normally names, addresses, and emails are obfuscated to varying degrees. To be able to receive plain text you will have to receive Marketing consent from the attendees.

Manual adds/removes

You can always add and removes attendees manually to the Google Sheet that XcooBee uses. XcooBee will still manage the remainder of the data correctly.

Check-in at Event

You can share the Google Sheet with all volunteers or employees so they can check-in attendees by checking the check-mark on the Check In column of your Google Sheet.

We also recommend that you restrict read/write access to only that column of your sheet by protecting it with a password for the purposes of Check-in phase. Please consult the Google Sheet documentation on how to do so.

Check-in with QR code reader

For Business and higher subscriptions you can use a faster QR code check-in option.
Using the QR code scanner that is part of the XcooBee app you can simply scan the QR code from the user ticket (paper of mobile).

The User of the XcooBee app will still need to able to read/write the Google Sheet and should complete connecting of their Google account on the app as well.

This allows a combination of desk and scanning for checking in people.

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