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Setup Stripe Keys

If you are collecting payments through XcooBee and Stripe integration you need to setup your connection to Stripe.

XcooBee will process the setup of your Stripe customer creation, payment subscriptions, and cancellations. This will mirror users interactions with their consent and you will see this reflected in the consent center as well.

Your Stripe account has generally two sets of keys: test keys and production keys, each with its own key-pair of Publishable key and Secret Key.

The key pairs work in concert and you will need both.
Your test keys will have the characters “test” in the content of the key while your production keys will normally have the characters “live” in the content of the key.

Using The Secret Key

You will need to copy the Secret Key to the XcooBee Stripe Authorization card. You access it from the Settings:Authorizations area of your account.


Click on the Connect button inside the Stripe box and paste your Secret Key. Then, click, Save. XcooBee will save this in a one-way fashion with specific encryption for access for your account processes. You will not be able to retrieve it again via the UI. You can only replace the key by repeating this process.

Using the Publishable Key

The Publishable key is used inside each of the consent campaigns where you need use a Stripe payment. When you add the Stripe payment section to your campaign data, you will be asked to provide this key.


We recommend that you start by connecting your test keys and switch to your production keys once you have tested your processes.

When you copy and paste your keys, please ensure that you do not copy extra spaces or line feeds at the beginning or end.

Once you connect your production keys in your authorization, all your test keys will stop working. Please coordinate accordingly.

Restricted keys

We recommend that you look at creating restricted keys for use with XcooBee. These will take the place of your Secret Key.
Please refer to the Stripe documentation on keys how to do so:


You will need to enable the following permissions:

  • Charges: Write
  • Customers: Write
  • Products: Write
  • Sources: Write
  • Plans: Write
  • Subscriptions: Write
  • Webhook Endpoints: Write

All other permissions can be left at their default.

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