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Setup XcooBee Register Assistant

Quickly Setup Contactless Payments for Your Contractors with Register Assistant App

When you have more than one person that needs to process payments on behalf of your small organization the options all of a sudden become very limited.
How do you allow a part-time helper to work with you in a market-stand, a sub-contractor finish his or her job, or even a waiter or waitress in a restaurant to handle contactless payments without implementing expensive systems or exposing yourself to data-security risks by sharing your Square or Venmo passwords.

XcooBee Register Assistant (RA) was specifically created to fill the void to scale with you when you are not just a single person doing the work. For example you have a cleaning business, a home-health business, a yoga-on-demand business etc.

RA works in all these scenarios. You can centrally control payments while all your employees and contractors have an easy tool to use that does not have data-security or PCI risks.

The Register Assistant Explained

The Register Assistant is similar to a remote cash register or payment terminal. It offers true contactless payment requests for single and multi-user businesses. It removes the need for anyone to handle credit cards or pens and improves data security for all bank and non-bank transactions. No data is ever directly given to employees or business. Of course, you can accept multiple forms of payments.

Downalod Register Assistant from Apple App Store Downalod Register Assistant from Google App Store

Even more interesting, it can support your marketing efforts with transparent data-connections.

The Register Assistant is safe to hand out to fleets of workers since it does not collect or process any payment-data directly. All payments are processed on the customer devices, which are independent of this app. There is no app required by your customers.

Setup Steps:

The general setup consists of:

a) Create your XcooBee Account

b) Create your XcooBee Payment Project

c) Download and Configure Register Assistant App as many times as needed

a) Create Your XcooBee Account

You need a XcooBee Professional or Business account to use the XcooBee Register Assistant.
If you are doing development we recommend that you use the pay-as-you-go Professional level since it allows you to get started and develop your solution without a credit card until you are switching to production mode. If you do not have an account sign up for one in less then two minutes.

b) Create a Payment Project

Inside XcooBee create a Payment Request project in your project center. This will form the backbone for your payment processing and you will be able to control all behaviors and options from here.

We have a video and written tutorials that you can use as a guide.

Payment Wizard

c) Configure Register Assistant

The configuration has two easy steps

Configuration Step 1

You can complete the first step in two ways:

option one:

Click the blue Scan QR button and scan any existing QR code for your payment project.

option two:

Manually entering the Campaign reference and Form reference information from your payment project. (See image in create payment project section for an example).

Config Step 1

Configuration Step 2

This is where you setup the currency and min. payment you want to process via XcooBee.

Config Step 1

Using Register Assistant in the Field

Once you have done the simple configuration for RA you are ready to process payments.

The main menu of the app has two buttons. We will always use the Manual Entry mode. The Auto Read mode is covered in different documentation.

The basic use is straight forward:

  • Employee or user taps on Manual Entry
  • enters the amount to be processed in QR screen and
  • allows customer to scan the generated code for payment

Config Step 1

The Payment Request Screen

Config Step 1

The payment request screen has six distinct parts. The basic requirement is for the user/employee to enter the amount to be paid using the keyboard. Then tap the generated QR to enlarge it.

We will go through all of the other parts for completeness. But if your app user can enter an amount, they can process payments.

part 1: keyboard

The keyboard allows users to enter an amount to be collected and a description. It will switch between numeric and alpha keys based on whether you tapped on Description or Amount input fields.

When you tap on Done key, the display will enlarge the QR code for you to show to customer for scanning purposes.

part 2: entry area

The entry area allows user to switch between an optional description for payment and the needed payment amount. You can also activate a Tip calculator as part of the payment if you like.

Tapping on x on the right side of Amount will reset the entries.

part 3: action buttons

Once you have set an amount you can also make remote request for payment via Text or Email. This works in scenarios when you are on physically distant from payor or the payment needs to be completed by someone else.

You can use the Web button, to directly enter the credit card information if your customer does not have their own device handy to scan QR.

part 4: customer amount display

You will notice that parts 4-6 are reversed in orientation. This is by design to make it simpler in the field for your users to present the information to customers near them. They can have the customer inspect amount and scan QR without having to hand over their device or awkwardly turn it around.

The customer amount display shows the to-be-paid amount to the customer. If the to-be-paid amount is left at zero, the customer is allowed to enter their own amount instead.

part 5: accepted pay method display

Displays accepted payment methods.

part 6: Pay QR code

Display the fully formed QR code that can be scanned by customer to make the payment. Users can tap on the QR to enlarge it and hide the keyboard.

Config Step 1


When payment is completed the field user is notified via app-messaging. The customer will receive an electronic payment receipt and your backend may receive order data or complete additional tasks depending on your setup.

Even More Advantages

XcooBee Register Assistant has some more advantages to be considered:

  • There is no hardware to buy or lease
  • There are no passwords or user access to manage
  • There is no cost for each extra terminal/app
  • The RA can work without a network connection

And since this works with XcooBee payments you can grow with it:

  • easily connect your payments to your marketing efforts
  • add integrations to other systems
  • manage all your payments, returns, refunds easily
  • support subscriptions, events, shopping carts, approvals, etc.

Build your own App

XcooBee can help you to add contactless payment to your app in minutes. We have examples for you to build many types of solutions directly. If you need further assistance, please contact us to share your use-case and let’s explore together.


This is all it takes to have an app that can accept contactless payments in the field.

Of course, there are many more options for QR and direct Payment URL generations that are possible with XcooBee. We can work with you on complex in-store workflows. For example, if you need to support in-store contactless shopping or even employee multi-level approvals you should consider reaching out.

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