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Consent Data Types

XcooBee allows companies to request standard types of data from you. This way you can compare directly between all companies that use your data. Depending how sensitive the data is that is being requested, it may be stored in different places. While at XcooBee we will handle standard data for you, the very sensitive data such as Bank accounts and Social Security Numbers is not stored at XcooBee server. If you choose you can store such data on your devices. XcooBee will help you keep it encrypted. Nonetheless, you can select to share it with anyone you choose. We will securely exchange such data for you as well in such a manner that it is protected during the exchange.

We use a numerical designation to track what data is requested. However, below you will find the English Data types for your reference.

List of Consent Data Types (English)

id description
100 first name
110 middle name
120 last name
121 name prefix
122 name suffix
150 xcoobee id
200 email
201 alternate email
220 phone
221 alternate phone
300 street1
310 street2
320 city
330 state
340 country
400 date of birth
500 likeness (full face images)
510 race
520 genetic_data
530 biometric_data
600 bank accounts
700 government document references (drivers license, passport)
710 government ID (SSN, national Id, Aadhaar)
800 location record
900 health record
911 emergency medical record
920 physical health record
930 dental record
940 mental health record
950 health metrics
1000 internet access record
1100 IP address (computer and mobile)
1200 device identifiers
1210 browser details
1220 location data
1300 meter reading
1400 party_affiliation
1410 religion
1420 sexual_orientation
1430 criminal_conviction
1500 membership
1500 membership
1600 application cookie (required)
1610 usage cookie (user personalization)
1615 statistics cookie (site analytics)
1620 advertising and marketing cookies
1630 advertising cookie
2010 twitter handle
2200 family members
2300 friends
2400 colleagues
9990 custom
9991 other1
9992 other2
9993 other3
9994 other4
9995 other5
9996 other6
9997 other7
9998 other8
9999 other9

Data Groups

For faster determination XcooBee offers the use of Data Groups which allow organizations to easier reference privacy data for management. The following data groups can be used.

id description
1 name
2 full_name
3 contact
4 billing_contact
5 shipping_contact
6 emergency_contact
7 complete_address
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