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Consent Status

Each consent exchange has a current status. Normally we use this to indicate the current life-cycle of the consent.

0=new, 1=active, 2=updating, 3=offer, 4=cancelled, 5=expired

new (0)

When a consent is created. This status is very short lived. This is when data is requested from your but you have not made a decision to share or grant consent yet.

active (1)

When consent is active and valid. Data has been shared.

updating (2)

Either you or the receiver has requested a change in scope of the consent and we are in the process of negotiating the new terms.

offer (3)

There is an offer from the requester for your data. You can review accept or decline it. The offer normally expires after a few days if you do not take any action.

withdrawn (4)

You have withdrawn your consent or use of your data.

cancelled (5)

The recipient (company) has rejected to accept your data, or removed your data from their systems.

expired (6)

The consent has been expired. We will remove the consent record after 90 days. You should have a backup of your older consent records if you like to keep them longer or consider using the block chain database option. If you have chosen to register your consent with block chain database, you can do a historical lookup at any time.

breached (7)

This data was breached by hackers. Please watch for advisories from the company on how to undertake mitigation to ensure that impact to you is minimized. Normally the company will send a follow up letter with details and XcooBee will assist in tracking misuse and resetting access keys and passwords where needed.

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