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Silos and Bridges


The Internet is catalyst for many new inventions and the rethinking of many old concepts. The concept that all your files needed to be on your computer with you for you to work on them was old and established and with the advent of Cloud Storage proven to be outdated.

Nowadays, users commonly have accounts in one or multiple cloud stores such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive etc. These are wondrous things and can make users lives tremendously easier.

The Current Share Paradigm

However, many times, we also find that interoperability is limited or not even desired. The share model for these stores is based on the premise that all users use the same service and one user controls a document and its share options. Thus, more like a vendor specific Silo. This may work to a certain for many use cases, but it also presents a degree of difficulty for other use cases especially when users are not subscribing to the same document storage service. More specifically, there are several premises that make this share model difficult to use.

  • If limited share is desired, the user that shared the document has to remember to stop the share. This does not happen as frequently in reality.
  • If a document is no longer shared, users with legitimate needs can no longer access.
  • Sharing user would like to allow modifications, but not to his copy.
  • Sharing user would not like to manage shares.
  • The documents have to be shared across cloud stores.

The XcooBee Share Paradigm

The XcooBee share paradigm is based on building bridges between different cloud providers. With inbox automation available for even the basic XcooBee subscription level, this can be a powerful tool to allow users to smartly maintain different storage providers for different purposes.

For example, users can sort and direct contracts to OneDrive folder for further red-lining while directing images to their google drive to be shared with their friends.

We simplified this in order to remove the need to:

  • Manage share option: Everyone has their fully modifiable copy automatically and the original is not changed.
  • Worry about what cloud store is used by everyone you wish to share your document with.
  • Still guarantee delivery and receipt of documents.
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