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Core Concepts

XcooBee operates using the following core concepts:

The Privacy Network

After analyzing how information moves on the public Internet, we decided that we cannot directly operate on the existing concepts.

a – Missing Trust

The current underpinnings of the Internet are very brittle when it comes to identity and trust. Anyone can pretend to be anyone else very easily. This is used to the detriment of many users every day. Phishing, worms, and viruses regularly spoof emails, IP addresses, peoples’ devices.

b – Missing Reliability

The internet was created by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) as a resilient network to survive attacks against its infrastructure. For all intents and purposes the Internet is a technological marvel. However, it does not guarantee any one operation to be successful. Thus, emails can fail, video can be interrupted, and documents do not get delivered.

c – Missing Legal Boundaries

The inter-connectivity of the internet does also poses challenges when moving data. Data moves with little oversight and at high speeds across geographic boundaries. This despite many regional and country specific legal boundaries that need to be observed. In practice, someone’s data may be stored for backup on a different continent from their actual use.

Our Solution: The Privacy Network

We looked at the above shortcomings and created the XcooBee network as a base layer of addressing the issues. The network takes into consideration levels of trust, guarantee of delivery, and respect for legal movement of data.

This innovative, from the ground-up engineered for privacy, is difficult to achieve as retrofit to existing networks. It guarantees that development on top of the network will always have these qualities.

Document Handling and Bees

Consent Management

Our conceptual technology stack

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