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Right to Be Forgotten

The notion that one would need to care about privacy may seem strange to some of us. After all, can you even touch and feel it? So why would there need to be any concern about old data?

Millions of us put our trust in companies that we barely know in the hopes that they will do the right thing by us. We will check, agree and provide information to a company without understanding the long term implications.

So, what if the information collected from you and about you is outdated and/or even wrong. Should information that is likely to inflict damage on you be able to do so indefinitely? We believe the short answer to this is “No”.

And, this is where the Right to be Forgotten comes in. It is a concept that has been discussed for a long time and fortunately it is now embedded into the new European Privacy regulations (GDPR). It refers to the right of people to either have certain adverse data about them blocked from being Internet accessible, or to have entries removed from search engine results on their names if the information in those entries is outdated or irrelevant.

At XcooBee we have worked hard to build in the Right To Be Forgotten into our processes from the ground up. Every data-point that we collect was examined for its reasons to exist and its lifespan. As a result most transaction data is deleted within 30 days. All other records we are required to keep are also connected to lifespans and automatic deletion rules.

You will easily notice this in your interactions with us. We will display expiration and time-to-live data on the information we collect from you. We believe this is the type of transparency you should expect from any enterprise you are dealing with. It is not a nice to have, it is your right!

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