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Personal Users

Beyond The Privacy Basics

Though the subscription level is labeled Basic, this level adds a whole range of privacy tools to your tool-belt. From additional bees for document signing to being able to participate in paid exchanges, receiving points, free unlimited contact exchanges, free consent updates, etc.

Basic is also the entry into complex managed encryption, bring your own encryption keys. For example, you can send documents to other who do not need to be XcooBee members. All this is made available to you for as cheap as we can make it. If you can afford to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you can afford our basic membership for one year.

Of course, you can upgrade at any time to the next level.

Detail Features

Feature Personal
Monthly Points 150
Monthly Invite Point Limit unlimited
Monthly Active Invite limit unlimited
Hire Bee x
Dashboard x
Upload Wizard x
Settings x
Activities x
Activity Search x
Job Status x
Inbox x
Block senders x
Invite x
PGP Identity x
Name search in all Regions x
Set  public profile  options x
Set Display Name options x
Expanded Receiving Detail x
Block contact pings x
Become undiscoverable x
Group Manager x
Allow multiple bee hire x
Key Mangement x
Participate in paid transfer x
Unlimited contact share x
Landing Pad Manager limited
Approval limited
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