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Business Users

Your Privacy Solution for Business Has Arrived

The Business subscription adds features for higher level of commerce control. For example, you can reverse charges for your customers. This Business subscription is also offering expanded point limits and file size limits.

Consent management is greatly expanded as well. You can run unlimited Consent Campaigns with detailed management of consent and full cycle problem resolution.
From inbound campaigns for documents, to branding of emails. We got you covered with the business subscriptions.

Detail Features

Feature Business
Monthly Points 2000
File submit limit 250
Simul. Recipient limit 250
File size limit (MB) 500
Invite limit to one dest. 3
Monthly Invite Point Limit 0
Monthly Active Invite limit unlimited
Hire Bee x
Dashboard x
Upload Wizard x
Settings x
Activities x
Activity Search x
Job Status x
Inbox x
Block senders x
Invite x
Acceptance Codes x
PGP Identity x
Name search in all Regions x
Set  public profile  options x
Set Display Name options x
Expanded Receiving Detail x
Block contact pings x
Become undiscoverable x
Group Manager x
Allow multiple bee hire x
Key Mangement x
Participate in paid transfer x
Unlimited contact share x
Landing Pad Manager x
Approval x
API Key x
Register Document  Hash x
Initiate paid transfer x
Rerouting x
Inbox Download Links x
Send Download Links x (7 days)
Flight Manager
Bee Trainer x
Consent Admin x
Import Flightpath x
See blocks x
Export Flightpath x
Charge Control x
User Manger
Member Manager
Bee Manager
Traffic Manager
Pay Delivery x
Can send Points x
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