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Developer Users

Developer Bees are Welcome

XcooBee offers free developers to users who wish to explore how to build new exciting software for privacy, document management, and digital rights. We have many different programming and extensions paradigms that we support. From embedding bees, to fully custom programming via APIs and SDKs. If you can dream in code and want to bake in privacy you should take a look at signing up to our developer program.

Developer users are generally not discoverable and belong to a special class of test users. Less restricted developer options are available with paid subscriptions from Professional onward.

More information is available in our developer documentation center.

Detail Features

Feature Developer
Monthly Points 100
Monthly Invite Point Limit
Monthly Active Invite limit
Hire Bee x
Dashboard x
Upload Wizard x
Settings x
Activities x
Activity Search x
Job Status x
Inbox x
Block senders x
PGP Identity x
Name search in all Regions
Set  public profile  options
Set Display Name options x
Expanded Receiving Detail x
Block contact pings x
Allways Hidden x
Group Manager x
Allow multiple bee hire x
Key Mangement x
Unlimited contact share x
API Key x
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