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Free Users

Free For Life

Our free accounts are available to everyone with an email or phone number. You can disclose as little or as much information as you like and participate in all social media exchanges and many business exchanges. There are reasonable limits. You receive a certain allotment of points and you can earn points via invitations. Free accounts cannot purchase points or receive points from others directly.

However, you may not need to use points for many exchanges at all. Many business users can cover your interactions with them, think about it as 1-800 numbers. So feel free to use bees as needed. During the takeoff phase we will show you exactly how far you can fly.

Of course, you can upgrade at any time to the next level.

Detail Features

Feature Free
Monthly Points 50
Monthly Invite Point Limit 1000
Monthly Active Invite limit 100
Hire Bee x
Dashboard x
Upload Wizard x
Settings x
Activities x
Activity Search x
Job Status x
Inbox x
Block senders x
Invite x
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