Hard Working Bees
For All Your Needs

XcooBee's Bee paradigm is our way to make privacy and security more approachable. But, it also allows for high scalability and flexibility. There are Bees and Bee Hives for all your business needs.

For Freelancers

As freelancers, you often have to manage many tasks that could be automated. XcooBee not only automates these tasks, but it does so in a secure way while giving you control over your data. This allows you to increase your clients’ satisfaction by showing them you care about their privacy, too.

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  • Turn Siloed Micro Tasks into Adjustable Workflows
  • Save Time by Automating Functional Business Tasks
  • Secure & Track Document Delivery to your Clients
  • Protect Your and Your Clients’ Digital Rights and Data
  • Enable Immediate Billing on Document Delivery

  • Get Up and Running in No Time using Our API
  • Build your Own Backend Workflows on XcooBee
  • Create Customized Front-End XcooBee -based Apps
  • Build your Own Bees to Expand XcooBee’s Capabilities
  • FREE developer account will get you coding in no time

For Developers

Most document management solutions come with mandatory apps and pre-built processes. While XcooBee does offer turn-key solutions for non-technical users, it also provides the ability for developers to integrate and customize our patented technology flexibly into their apps.


For Business

XcooBee transactions can involve single tasks all the way up to recurring business workflows using Bee hives. For example, you can send a document to an email list, post it on social media with a watermark, and upload it to your DropBox simultaneously.

  • Turn-Key Encrypted Delivery Network for Businesses
  • Automate Complex Business Workflows into Bee Hives
  • Secure & Track Business Documents via Blockchain
  • Manage Licensing Revenue & Watermarking
  • Combine Disparate Business Transactions & Units

Our Mission

XcooBee is a privacy-focused data exchange network with a mission to protect the digital rights and privacy of consumers and businesses alike.

Using virtual Bees we connect users to each other and to services on the internet.

We envision a world where people can enjoy online services without giving away their privacy.

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