You have seen them all. Bizarre and maze like systems that attempt to tell you that your customer consent is valid. This is old school. At XcooBee consent is not binary, Yes or No. We understand the spirit of consent and we are able to distinguish many facets to help you proactively see the problem zones in your portfolio.

Consent is not binary

Your current system treats consent as a binary element: Yes or No.

This is not the whole story. Like the relationship between you and your customer, consent is more nuanced. You need to be able to see the status of your consent health. At XcooBee we bring this to the forefront with our AI that analyses many interaction points.

With one look at your dashboard you can tell whether trouble is afoot and drill into campaigns that are struggling and where customers are dissatisfied. Thus, XcooBee places you in the nexus of pro-active consent management. Reach out via our support portal, catch customer that are slipping.

Of course, you can take advantages of automated consent maintenance and allow XcooBee to manage your consent extension so that you can always be assured that you have legal basis to use user data without lifting a finger.

This, of course, has the potential to lead to higher customer satisfaction and reduced potential for privacy fines.

You need tools that visualize trouble

With XcooBee every consent is tracked over its life and assigned a score that you can easily see. Problem zones are quickly identified and action plans can be developed to address issues before they become big fires.

Cooperation is the norm

At XcooBee we assume that you wish to partner with your customers to find the best privacy solution. Our built-in support center let’s you discuss privacy issues and adjust consent as needed. Our operational events communicate clearly any discrepancies.

Your users will appreciate the ability to take charge of their own privacy data in the most secure way possible; you will appreciate that you did not have to rewrite your software, or have to worry about Privacy-by-Design principles or CCPA / GDPR compliance.

Innovation does not stop there …

The XcooBee Privacy Network is unlike any other. It is built with the spirit of GDPR and CCPA in mind, placing the customer in the center of interaction. In short, it is a privacy system we hope others would let us use to manage all our privacy interactions. The resulst is higher customer interaction, with improved privacy for all.

At the same time, your users will appreciate the innovative ways they can participate to solve any privacy problems. Our patent pending technology also includes the use of blockchain consent for independent verification of consent history.

C'est ton tour

You know consent is more complicated. You need more insight, better and simpler tools. Let’s have a conversation about your use-case to see whether we can create a positive outcome together:

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Notre vision

Nous fournissons des outils, des services et des techniques pour permettre aux individus de contrôler l'échange, la distribution et la gestion de leurs propres informations tout en permettant aux entreprises une utilisation équitable.

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