A full compliance system to send data and files across borders. Even with the recent US-EU Privacy Shield Program invalidation, XcooBee technology allows you to remain compliant. All our transfers are based on direct consent of data-subjects. With XcooBee built-in consent management, we help you stay compliant as data is moved between jurisdiction and your consent is aging or changing. In short, you can securely send data across borders with full transparency down to user record level.  With end to end encryption controlled by you there are no governmental back doors for anyone to use. XcooBee can be easily be integrated into business environments. All you have to do is place the platform in front of your existing data-transfer and sharing processes and you are ready to go.

Data-Subject Driven Data Transfers

When you are ready to share data with another organization or another part of your company that is outside the current data-jurisdiction you can do so with one click. The XcooBee network will go into high gear and obtain permission from each data-subject and/or ensure that approvals for the transfer are recorded via SCCs before allowing the transfer to proceed.

We will document all changes and re-assemble the data set that can be shared with full transparency to all participants. Whether you are importing data or exporting data you should look at the XcooBee methodology to safeguard your orgnaization.

Our SaaS based services can be plugged in-to your enterprise quickly with little fuss.

Out-of-the-box Data Reports & Automation

XcooBee gives you easy access data reports directly from our platform. XcooBee has support for Subject Access Request (SAR) automation.

Your users can receive a copy of their data via the XcooBee portal and track the request until it’s responded to. XcooBee correlates the request to the response to ensure for both user and business that the task was completed successfully.

You can produce compliance reports directly from the XcooBee platform, including the number of data requests received by the company, their response rate and response time.

Shared Data Processing & Data Insight

Many times what you need is the insight from the data, not the data itself. In such cases you may not need the data in the first place.

XcooBee’s software defined workflows (SDW) allow multiple parties to collaborate to derive data-insights together? The advantage, the data does not have to be moved or shared, the processing occurs safely under your processing rules. You bring your own encryption while XcooBee provides a full platform for complex compute without the data having to move or without XcooBee having the ability to directly access it.

You can get all the insights without moving any data. Brilliant!

Standardized Consent Builder

Encourage consent at mass scale and track opt-ins from a single place on the XcooBee platform. As Enterprise you can create an unlimited number of campaigns using standardized data types.

XcooBee has standardized, clear, concise, and easy to understand consent presentation that is already translated for you into multiple languages. By only utilizing consent terms that are standardized, rather than company specific, our platform ensures that companies remain GDPR-compliant.

Combine this with AI driven consent sentiment analysis and you get a true early warning system on how your customers feel about you and take action in campaigns before a campaign develops problems.

Secure Data Hosting & Access

You need a reliable data store in the EU for user data? You can use XcooBee’s unique campaign data storage solution. XcooBee campaigns allow you to store encrypted data only you can read. There are no back-doors for us or anyone else. Your end-users can manage and update this data and you can get notifications of changes for automatic or manual processing.

Simple Consent Requests

Give your users a platform where they have complete control of the exchange, distribution and management of their digital footprint.

The XcooBee network collects and manages user privacy consent and data, presenting users with a timeframe and frequency at which their data is used, the type of data collected and processed, and its intended purpose.

When you need to share the user data or consent, you can do so with one click. XcooBee will manage the new distribution request and obtain consent directly from end-users and ensure you have all the “i”s dotted and the “t”s crossed.

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