Donor Retention is important. Especially in difficult times you need to address not only easy conversion but also safety concerns and social distancing. Print is an alternative that gaining momentum, but filling in cards and returning is yesterday’s technology. Time to move forward and add the important element that brings it together and gives you and your donors the tools to do offline and online fundraising with contactless safety built-in. And, of course, go  further: Whether you are dealing with donation forms, event registrations, membership signup forms, or anything similar that you have to print, you want people to use them to take action and do so safely. XcooBee has solved this problem with patent pending technology that can help you do so fast: with more privacy, higher user satisfaction, high physical safety, and less conversion friction. Your users/members will appreciate the ability to take charge of their physical and data safety; you will appreciate that you did not have to rewrite your software, worry about social distancing, Privacy-by-Design principles or CCPA / GDPR compliance.

The Problem

Current paper forms introduce inconvenience, cost, and time delays:

  • Introduce friction (extra tasks for users: pen, paper, letter, mailing).
  • Extra cost of scanning, entry, storage.
  • Introduce manual work on both sides.
  • Error rates are generally higher.
  • Time delays between entry and actual processing can cause non-payment etc.
  • Security issues throughout the process of storage, entry, processing

A call to action to go to your website is only partially solving this since:

  • Users are more reluctant to enter information into web-sites
  • Your website only ingests data but does not provide compliant controls
  • You may have compliance issues already
  • Do not have dynamic entry and fund transfers to handle changes quickly

This all leads to higher attrition as your user attempt to interact with you.

Upgrade Your Print to Contactless XcooBee QR

Use XcooBee to generate a consent QR code for you to signal to your users that things have changed.  Using pre-built privacy components you can trigger automated workflows and secure data gathering from paper or even ad-banners. All of a sudden you will be able to deliver a different experience to your users.

A different set of possibilities

With this little change a different set of options are open to you including some benefits that need to be experienced. Repeat users have the ability to take action under a minute. This makes it one of the fastest way to gather information and consent at the same time.  There are also additional benefits for users:

  • High Security (XcooBee does not have the ability to read data).
  • Removal of barriers (pen, credit card, stamp, etc.)
  • Reduction in direct cost (postage, scanning, and processing).
  • Reduction of error rates
  • Reusable on all print elements (small space, user have exposure and training).
  • Compliant with privacy legal requirements for California and EU. More coming.
  • Improved user experience with more likely reuse.

This QR Can Go Far…

The XcooBee QR code is unlike any other. It works in tandem with the XcooBee Privacy Network and can adjust its behavior based on the context. It can handle changes to user data …

User can use the code more than once and each time interact in the most appropriate way. Unlike standard websites, the XcooBee interaction allows for full user state awareness. Continue where you left off. Change your mind. Change your language. Adjust as needed.

It can handle privacy and consent …

Users can indicate consent and interact as required by law to make adjustment to their granted consent. They can make subject access request, extent their consent and specifically address privacy issues.

It can handle fund-accounting …

Funds may expire, become available, change purpose etc. No worries, your QR code can keep up and your printed materials do not need to be reprinted. Saving you cost and headaches.

Isn’t it time you reached out to us to see what else we can build together?

The Benefits

The benefits are real in donor retention and offline fundraising. We can help you to keep it broader and convert more user/members to action.  Take this simple ROI which is not uncommon.

ROI Example before Paper-to-Action

We will use a standard small mailing of 5000 pieces:

Total Mailing Quantity 5000
Per postcard cost of mailing and printing  $          0.65
Cost of printing and mailing all postcards  $        3,250
Estimated response rate 2.0%
Number of responses 100
Successful donations (92%) 92
Average Donation  $              50
Total Revenue from Mailing  $        4,600
ROI (Revenue-Cost) 42%

ROI With Paper-to-Action

assumption of miniscule 0.2% improvement in response rate

Total Mailing Quantity 5000
Per postcard cost of mailing and printing  $          0.65
Cost of printing and mailing all postcards  $        3,250
Estimated response rate 2.2%
Number of responses 110
Successful Dondations (98%) 107.8
Average Donation  $              50
Total Revenue from Mailing  $        5,390
ROI (Revenue-Cost)



Even a small boost can make a big difference in your offline fundraising ROI. In our case the ROI changed from 42% to 66%.

XcooBee’s Paper-To-Action is a premier offline fundraising and data collection tool that can help you get there.


The Paper-to-Action benefits go further and include:

  • Improved conversion from paper to donation / paper to action.
  • Improved revenue potential.
  • Improved privacy compliance.
  • Outsourced data maintenance: users maintain their own data.
  • Reduction of  error rates.
  • Improved response times to donors/users.
  • No cost for data transfer from XcooBee.
  • No changes to existing payment processors or contracts.
  • Improved data security and data breach posture.
  • Improved ability to attract users through clear privacy support.

The benefits of connecting the XcooBee Privacy Network extend beyond the data maintenance, data gathering and handling. They show your commitment to your members’/users’ privacy. The XcooBee Privacy Network is one of the first of kind to be built with privacy as guiding principle. According to 2018 IBM Harris Cyber-security Study with over 10,500 interviews, users valued investment into privacy beyond leadership or even corporate social responsibility. You can build on this sentiment by partnering with XcooBee.

It’s Your Turn

Safe and secure giving through XcooBee is fast to implement and easy to use.  Make your donors feel comfortable whether they use online, or paper, or terminals. It is time to make your fundraising work for you harder and smarter. Let’s have a conversation about your use-case to see whether we can create a positive outcome together:


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    Our Vision

    We deliver tools, services, and techniques to allow individuals to control the exchange, distribution and management of their own information while allowing businesses fair use.

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