Don’t get hit by unnecessary fines because you use poor home-made cookie managers. Create a less annoying, less obtrusive and compliant cookie manager for your website. The Cookie Kit is both a cookie and a script manager in one. Control which scripts run based on consent given and clean up after them intelligently when consent is removed. Cookie kit is also smart and hides itself when not needed to make browsing as transparent as possible to your visitors. The Cookie Kit can optionally connect directly to the XcooBee consent center, giving you the tools and visibility you need to manage user data efficiently. And, to top it all off, most of this is available for free, without any catch as open source under the Apache version 2.0 license. User by more than 2000+ organizations worldwide. There is absolutely no reason not to try it out today.

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Give Your Visitors Control Over Their Privacy with Cookie Kit

XcooBee’s cookie manager lets your visitors manage cookies enmasse for all the XcooBee-supported websites they visit. It works across browsers, systems and devices, and lets them edit their consent for all their sites in just a few steps. Users can also automatically give consent to trusted websites or set specific policies for new sites.

Simple. Fast. Free. For All Flavors of Environments

XcooBee’s out-of-the-box simple managed cookies can be used in all kinds of environments. This is a true cookie manager, not just a display overlay an as such it helps programmers implement the right process with only a few lines of code. Simple. Fast. Free.

Once integrated, it will automatically link to your company’s documentation and display as a floating cookie graphic button on screen.

The button will allow your visitors to expand the cookie consent window and easily answer cookie consent questions.

You can check out our libraries and plugins yourself:

XcooBee Cookie Kit for Web

XcooBee Cookie Kit for ReactJS

WordPress Cookie Plugin

Make Your Website Cookie-Ready in No Time

Add this code to your website and you can load the library from our fast Content Delivery Network:

<script id="xcoobee-cookie-kit"

Specify directly all the option you need for your site including your privacy policy, terms, and cookie-use in different

  function blankCh(){};

    checkByDefaultTypes: ["application"],
    cookieHandler: "blankCh",
    position: "right_bottom",
    privacyUrl: "/myprivacypolicy.html",
    requestDataTypes: ["application", "usage", "statistics"],
    termsUrl: "/mytermsofservice.html",
    theme: "overlay",
    textMessage: "Welcome to our site. We manage cookies responsibly and listen to our users. You can check and uncheck which types are OK."

You can review the online docs and specify many more options including theme and colors. If you need an easy way to generate your own script your can use your XcooBee Cookie Campaign UI.  There you can use the XcooBee platform to define the type of cookie(s) that will be used on your website, and get a prebuilt script that you can easily copy to your site.

In short, you can get started today by plugging in our open source cookie kit in a few minutes.

Application cookie (required)
Cookies needed by your website or app to function.

Statistics cookie
Cookies used to track site use and traffic, such as Google analytics.

Personalization cookie
Cookies that are used to generate user personalization, such as remembering their specific choices.

Advertising and Marketing Cookie
Cookies tracking what visitors are shopping for, social media interactions and advertising preferences.

More information on the classification system used by XcooBee can be found on our documentation pages.

We also have a complete set of documentation regarding all aspects of our Cookie Kit products that you can peruse.

More Power with a XcooBee Account

With a professional and higher subscription the advanced cookie management and consent management features are open to you. You Can:

  • document your consent interactions
  • centrally manage all consent for your site
  • allow users to interact with you even when not logged in to your site
  • document proper interactions and response time to user SAR requests
  • set additional style and company branding
  • allow users to use crowd cookie intelligence to set cookies
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