The XcooBee platform lets you send and receive encrypted, timestamped documents to and from any other storage source. It uses A.I. to ensure the documents received are safe and from verified senders. The time for online privacy and security of your files has arrived.

Manage Sensitive Data Seamlessly with HIPAA Compliant Sending

Make your business HIPAA compliant thanks to XcooBee’s fully end-to-end encrypted sending of documents.

We follow the strictest rules defined by the Department of Health and Human Services when it comes to the transmission and management of Personal Health lnformation. Read more

Ensure the Identity of Your Senders

XcooBee users go through a sender validation process which can be compared to verifying accounts on social media.

The validation process verifies that XcooBee users are who they say they are. There is also a corresponding rating system to help you decide weather to engage with the sender.

The more validation the user goes through, the higher the rating.

Check Your Documents for Virus Signatures

Most antivirus programs analyze documents by opening them and checking their content.

We think there is a better way which can combine privacy and security. We are developing a new form of A.I. based virus checking which will scan metadata of files sent through the network and verify them for you.

This technique will enable us to verify the health of a document without having to look at the content of the document itself.

Get Around Cloud Storage Vendor Siloes

Send and receive encrypted documents from DropBox to Google Drive, Microsoft One-Drive, Box or any other storage source.

XcooBee’s flexible model lets users connect their preferred storage solutions to its platform to ensure seamless and secure transfers, even when two users have different providers.

With automatic encryption. you make use of your storage without vendors analyzing
your data.

Track Document History with TimeStamping

Timestamping is crucial when you need to prove a document was not altered or a digital media was created and shared at a certain point in time.

Using Bitcoin Blockchain, the XcooBee Timestamp bee creates a digital fingerprint of your files. This unique fingerprint does not let us see or recreate your file, but will let you independently verify the document’s authenticity later in a privacy-centric manner.  You can verify authenticity without sending any sensitive data to XcooBee or any other network.

Of course, when using the XcooBee network, you will also know when a document was sent, received, opened or downloaded.

Control Your Privacy using Full Encryption

XcooBee uses Industry, standard encryption to encrypt all your files while in transit or stored on the network.

You can also bring your own encryption keys and manage them on the XcooBee network so that even the XcooBee network itself can not see what’s in your transmitted files.

Part of our mission is to make encryption transparent and easy.

Choose Who Can Send You Document with Smart Access Controls

Control who can send you documents via the XcooBee network. Set up one-time access codes with other users to exchange documents seamlessly and securely.

You can create and revoke as many access codes as you’d like, giving you tight control over who can exchange with you at any given time.

Avoid Suspicious Files with Filtered Document Types

Scripts or executable files, which hackers sometimes use to send viruses, can not be sent via the XcooBee platform.

By preventing file types which can be used to harm, XcooBee increases the security and privacy of our users.

A complete list of allowed document types is available on our website.

Integrate XcooBee to your Own Platform Seamlessly

XcooBee’s Embedded Site Dropzone lets you integrate file delivery directly onto your app or website.

You can include extra inputs such as “order number” or “case number” to the upload form to organize your files with ease, while our workflow integration lets you automatically tie document upload to your own system, without having to use emails at any point.

Learn about HIPAA compliant sending:

All providers are expected to see huge transformation with their communication practices with patients and clients because of the updated HIPAA rule, which includes numerous changes to HIPAA privacy, communication and breach notification rules. Learn how to implement this today in your practice with this video.

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