Email Guard allows you to use one mailbox with many faces. You control all Email Guard link-addresses and their behavior. You never have to give out your actual email to anyone. If any link-address misbehaves, you  can easily dispose of it. Email Guard reduces the stress that is associated with users sharing emails. Go crazy with your Email Guard: Go to a conference and avoid the uncomfortable “No”, participate in those sweepstakes and always stay in control. Best of all, you can do this all inside your current mailbox. Nothing changes for you.

The Problem

When email was invented at the dawn of the Internet, the Internet was a very different and much friendlier place. Trusting all participants was implicit. This is also reflected in the base infrastructure of how email systems are constructed.

Today users no longer rush to give out their email addresses and can expect their email box to fill up quickly after they have created a new one. Managing this has turned into a chore that only seems to be a loosing proposition for the average user.

As soon as they start giving out their email address, they are subject to discovery, bundling and aggregation by data-brokers. With or without privacy regulations, these shady middlemen are trading in email-addresses and the email systems are flooded with messages.

You need better tools: An aliasing and abstraction solution like Email Guard is proven to be an important element of privacy protection according to USA Today.

See for yourself

XcooBee Email Guard

Email Guard is simple to use. Most of  the time you will not even notice it is there.  You continue to use all the tools that you normally use including your standard email programs. You can receive and reply as you normally would to emails.

The very second you discover unwanted activity you can delete the origin senders access. You can do this in XcooBee desktop or mobile app. Simple yet brilliantly effective.

Email Guard is an abstraction mechanism that allows you to use one email for yourself and an unlimited amount of link-emails that are automatically managed.

With Email Guard and the XcooBee mobile app, you can take control of your email inbox access. By creating an alternate email address and linking it to your personal email, emails are rerouted securely via XcooBee to your personal inbox. You can create unlimited alternate link-emails and control who can reach them. As a result, they can feel confident in giving out Email Guard addresses without worrying about long term abuse and loss of control.

Email Guard automatically expires link-emails. So you can go to that conference and be sure that you do not have multiple years of follow on emails that you cannot stop.

The on-demand email creation is exceedingly simple. It is designed to be completed on the app in front of a cash register. As a user you no longer have to manage an email server to get fine control over who can reach you. This is very different from mail-blocking (black listing) and spam filtering. In both these arrangements, users continue to be subject to data-brokers selling emails. Exposure continues to anyone who has purchased their email. The mail avalanche once started cannot be stopped by spam filtering and black-listing alone.


You can count on these Email Guard benefits:

  • Create unlimited link addresses.
  • With Professional subscription and higher you can fully customize the link email name.
  • Read and respond to messages without exposing your personal email
  • Set expiration for each link-email independently.
  • Determine which email domain can sent messages to which of your link-emails.
  • Automated spam checks.
  • Automated virus checks.
  • Automated file type checks.
  • Use of XcooBee Privacy Network guarantees deletion of all content.


Any premium XcooBee subscription makes the Email Guard feature available. You can use it on the Desktop as well as the mobile app for quick and easy management of your email access.

A limited edition Email Guard is available starting with the free Personal subscription plan. For more flexibility, go with Professional and higher plans where you can freely select the email names to use.

No better time to try.

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