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Take Back   Your Donors
with Privacy Enabled & Safe Donation Services

Contactless and safe fundraising is possible and now more necessary than ever. A majority of donors considers three important elements before giving:
1) donor personal safety
2) donor online safety with privacy controls
3) contactless experiences.
Most funding systems do not support all of these. However, without a solid strategy for offline, safe, and contactless fundraising you are losing opportunity in the largest donor block. XcooBee is the one fundraising system to address all three concerns and support offline, online, web, email, social, and multi-language fundraising. No extra fees. Get started in under 1 hr. Our out-of-the-box solution ensures quick and safe donor conversions from paper, web, and/or social media.

How   Does it Work  

Our solutions are frictionless for users. No app. No Account. No downloads.

Non-Profit creates
campaign in minutes

Donor scans QR from print or other source

Donor completes payment.


All XcooBee interactions occur in a safe and contactless fashion on user owned devices. There is no sharing of equipment or touching of kiosks.

See Donor Sentiment

Our innovative consent assessment system is AI driven and provides you insight into the true nature of the overall donor sentiment. Use it to detect trouble before it happens.

No App, No Account

Every time you introduce another step into the path of a donor you can expect a >40% drop in donation completion. Donors do not need an account or app to complete pay processes.

Seamless Communication

Our rich heritage of strong privacy management can help you with transparent data management and data collection that is compliant with privacy regulations. Our smart analysis will show you areas of improvement whether it is one campaign or many.

  Easy to Access
  Easy to Use  

Build for   Safety & Ease of Use 

With XcooBee, your donors can manage and update their data with ease, online, and on their own time. Being good at privacy and data security can also reduce your cost of data management. Our systems allow you to interact with your donors while keeping your staff and your donors safe.
XcooBee can give required privacy rights and tools to your users and integrate to any online system. We take care of the cumbersome parts and allow you to implement solutions quickly.

 Flexible Fundraising
You Can Take Anywhere

XcooBee pioneered the use of QR codes in fundraising and continued innovation with smart QRs that can adapt without being reprinted. Understanding that signage and print are long-lived and different is just the beginning. XcooBee fundraising has tools to support your online fundraising, tools that can multiply your social media reach, email messaging integrations, website campaign widgets, direct to twitter automation, and many more things that makes XcooBee fundraising a uniquely usable system anywhere, anytime.

In short, never again miss a fundraising opportunity because your technology was not up to the task.

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