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Our Vision for Hospitality

The path forward may not be easy but we believe it is emerging. We formulated it into our hospitality vision and use it to guide our products:

  • Enhance Guest Experience by making interaction safer (physical & data safety), more meaningful (guest insights driven), faster (speed of transaction), while  keeping guests more informed (increased participation).

  • Create an environment where staff can be more connected and informed while maintaining and/or improving safety measures.

  • Drive additional transaction and revenue while reducing transaction time and cost.

Safe Physical Distance. Close Digital Connections.


Safety is a large concern for guests and hotels where on the forefront of the change of consumer expectations as reservations fell sharply during the crisis.  The industry has weathered many crises but the Covid pandemic will leave a long last mark.

Consumers are now expecting a higher level of physical security and digital enablement for self-services.  This is throughout the guest journey from booking, to check in, to stay element and checkout. No area is expected to remain unchanged once the crisis has been overcome.

At XcooBee we re-imagined what a in-room ordering experience could look like where ordering could compete with any delivery service and even be faster and more convenient. We extended this to restaurant experiences and looked at what if the staff new of guest allergies while ordering, what if the kitchen was informed about a problem before it became one? All this, of course, fully contactless.

Through these exercises and working with our experts we were able to built the XcooBee Hospitality Experience. The result is not only a safer, faster and more convenient guest experience, but also a more efficient operating paradigm for hospitality. Let us show you.

Easy Access. Easy Use.


All XcooBee interactions occur in a safe and contactless fashion on user owned devices. There is no sharing of equipment or touching of kiosks.

We took lessons from digital payment systems in Asia and expanded them to work for users in US and Europe. Our unique, smart QR code-based methodology is inexpensive for hotels to implement and easy for consumers to use. No rip and replace required, although we still support support NFC payments like Apple and Google pay.

No App. No Account.

Every time you introduce another step into the path of a guest you can expect a >40% drop in sales completion. This is also the case when users are required to create an account or download an app before they can shop.

Thus, the XcooBee system does not require either an app or an account. Any guest can participate at any time by scanning a start code. All they need is the native camera app that comes with their device. Nothing else needs to be downloaded.

Your Brand

XcooBee can be fully branded to assume the look and feel of your existing hotel brand. Many aspects of the XcooBee system, from the small icons to email messages, can be configured to match your brand guide requirements. This can, of course, happen in multiple languages with automatic detection of locales across the globe.

If you have tried to roll out a fully branded app in multiple regions, you will appreciate how easy XcooBee can be made to reflect your brand and image. Your guests will appreciate the ability to interact with you in this new way without having to download a new app.

Seamless Communication

XcooBee can be the basis for completely new guest communication. You can easily add smart in-system messaging that allows your guests to get real-time help from staff and recommendations for orders. Guests no longer have to search for a staff member and can place orders much faster. With a button click they can chat with staff, find dishes, get a recommendation, order assistance, and even get information from the kitchen.

Business Made Easier

With XcooBee you can boost your hospitality business in several ways. XcooBee can assist with the in-hotel purchase process while saving the organization time and money. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Process more transactions: Guests can conveniently manage their orders and use contactless payment and checkout in hotel retail, restaurants, or in guest-rooms.

  • Reduce cost: Guests can receive assistance through the system, reducing the manpower needed in hotel.

  • Increase Revenue: The XcooBee system can be combined with recommendations-engines to encourage add-on sales. In addition, allowing 3rd-party and approval based purchases opens business opportunities with business segments.

  • Many use cases:  The XcooBee contactless processing model covers multiple components such as spa-bookings, gym fees, activity bookings, etc. It can blend on-line and in-hotel shopping to bring new experiences to guests.

More than Payment

For Hotel or Restaurant

  1. Process more transactions (speed + safety)

  2. Reduce costs by reducing hardware (nfc readers, pay-terminals, self-checkout kiosks)

  3. Capture impulse purchases in-Room and compete against delivery services

  4. Introduce new remote pay services to share payment among business assosicates

  5. Make hotel operations more efficient

  6. Offer improved customer experiences through automated translations and cultural norms data

  7. Ability to add blockchain validations to digital receipts

  8. Protects employees by allowing more safe distanced operations

  9. Easy-to-access insight into operational analysis

  10. Connect to marketing programs with privacy compliance

For Guests

  1. Convenience: Place order faster than delivery services

  2. Safety: no unnecessary contact or waiting in line

  3. Pay with any digital methods including Apple and Google pay

  4. Faster transactions: remove many wait cycles and checkout whenever ready

  5. Allow impulse buys: “Let me book this for tonight”

  6. Approved purchase: Colleague can aggregate bills on behalf of group

  7. Get help anywhere during the transaction

  8. Easy to communicate food preferences and allergy risks with automated translations all the way to kitchen

  9. Language adaptive UI allows to more clearly communicate in many languages

Safe. Secure. Simple.

The Corona-Virus is our new reality and businesses have to address the concerns of consumers that are reluctant to make bookings. According to Statisa the short term bookings imploded worldwide during the 2020 travel season under Covid with some areas seeing 90% reduction in bookings. This, combined with an industry executive outlook that is expecting a slow muted recovery, indicates that there will be challenges ahead to bring back guest into facilities.

At XcooBee, we believe in the three “S” theory: Safe, Secure, and Simple.

Safe: The utmost thoughtfulness needs to be taken to ensure a safe guest experiences, and while there are many guides for this already, hospitality professionals need to challenge current interaction models that require lining up, congestion, or physical closeness as well.

Secure: Guests want security and hotels & restaurants are always looking for ways to offer more security. With XcooBee Hospitality System payments are secure and sensitive information is protected in such a way that breaches and hacking is difficult to near impossible. Moreover, XcooBee allows consumers to use their own devices to interact and communicate without sharing sensitive information with the hotel or restaurant.

Simple: Our systems are easy to implement and easy for guests to use. XcooBee invented the no app, no account, no sign-up principles for this reason. Anyone can walk up and use XcooBee branded services, easily and simply.

Experience: Hotels and restaurants can change the way guests experience stays today. They need to focus on eliminating unnecessary processes and reduce the concern of virus spread that are connected to ordering, shopping, booking, and restaurant interactions. This can give guests reassurance on safety and encourage them to come back to the hotel once more.

Let’s have a conversation to see where the journey could lead.

Questions? We are here to help!


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