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Our Vision   For Hospitality  

Hospitality technology should enhance the guest experience by making interaction safer (physical & data safety), more meaningful (guest insights driven), faster (speed of transaction), all while  keeping guests more informed.

How   Does it Work  

Our solutions are frictionless for users. No app. No Account. No downloads.

Guest scan table code and order.
No App or account needed.

Staff can advise, enhance, & assist.
Kitchen can “talk” to guests directly as well.

Guest pays contactless
when meal is complete.


All experiences for both staff and guests are fully contactless. From picking items from menus to payment, no outside equipment is touched by guests or staff.

Hardware Free

XcooBee hospitality does not require any specialized hardware. It is quick to roll-out and inexpensive to manage. Our smart QR codes are made for long lives so when printed they do not need to be changed again. XcooBee will handle all adjustments internally.

No App, No Account

Every time you introduce another step into the path of a consumer you can expect a >40% drop in sales completion. Guests do not need an account or app to place an order, interact with staff, or to pay.

Data Centric

Our rich heritage of strong privacy management can help you with transparent data management and guest data collection that is compliant with privacy regulations. Our smart analysis will show you areas of improvement whether it is one restaurant or a global chain.

  Easy to Access
  Easy to Use  

Safe Physical Distance
  Close Digital Connections 

At XcooBee we re-imagined what in-restaurant or in-room ordering experiences could look like where ordering could compete with any delivery service and even be faster and more convenient.
Through these exercises and working with our experts we were able to build the XcooBee Hospitality Experience. The result is not only a safer, faster and more convenient guest experience, but also a more efficient operating paradigm for hospitality.

Business Made Easier

XcooBee Hospitality is like the Swiss Army Knife of systems: Many tools come together for a comprehensive solution.

Process More Transactions

Guests self-manage orders and use contactless payments in hotel retail, restaurants, or in guest-rooms.

Increase Revenue

Combine with recommendations-engine to encourage smart add-on sales. In addition, use 3rd-party and approval based purchases to open opportunities with business segment.

Reduce Costs

Patrons can receive quick  assistance  through the system, reducing the manpower needed in hotel or restaurant. 

Many Use Cases

XcooBee contactless processing covers multiple components such as spa-bookings, gym fees, activity bookings, etc. It can blend on-line and in-facility shopping to bring new experiences to guests.

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