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Take Back   Your Customers  
with Lightweigt Services

Most financial institutions outsource acquisition and servicing because traditional merchant services require extensive support infrastructure and manpower. They also insert a new intermediary to their customer relationship that is outside their control.
XcooBee allows you choices. Take back or complement your merchant services by offering a directly managed option to your merchants. You get access to full data streams for analysis and many options for expanded product and services sales. Your merchants get contactless, modern, and flexible payment systems that connect to marketing. The result: Quick ROI for you and lower costs and happiness for your merchants.

How   Does it Work  

Our solutions are frictionless for users. No app. No Account. No downloads.

Bank Provisions
Merchant in minutes

Merchant Uses Easy Pay App
to Generate QRs

Shopper Scans & Pays.
No App or Account Needed


All XcooBee interactions occur in a safe and contactless fashion on user owned devices. There is no sharing of equipment or touching of kiosks.

Hardware Free

XcooBee merchant services do not require any terminals to be shipped to merchants. You do not operate a hardware business and rollouts can be nearly immediate whether it is 1 or 100s of users.

No App, No Account

Every time you introduce another step into the path of a consumer you can expect a >40% drop in sales completion. Shoppers do not need an account or app to complete pay processes.

Seamless Communication

Our rich heritage of strong privacy management can help you with transparent data management and data collection that is compliant with privacy regulations. Our smart analysis will show you areas of improvement whether it is one business or a global chain.

  Easy to Access
  Easy to Use  

Build for   Safety & Easy of Use 

Built on secure XcooBee infrastructure. Terminals app can be given to any merchant employee including temporary and seasonal workers without exposing and data-risk or access to merchant account.
The XcooBee No App. No Account. No Signup paradigm makes this easy to use for merchant’s customers as well.
The result: Avoid merchant churn and improve customer happiness.

Offering Service
  Flexibility & Killer ROI

Bank can provision and control all merchant experience aspects. From number of terminals to full online/offline and retail shops. Similarly all aspects of the service offering from visuals to data inputs are at the bank’s fingertips. As you learn how to work with your merchants, you can make more services available and even build a full professional services department.
This all leads to unmatched Return on Investment (ROI) opportunities. Talk to us to calculate yours.

Expanded   Markets and Products

  • Full branding and control of the experience
  • Offer direct bank-2-bank payments without any credit cards
  • Offer financing and financial products
  • Place ads for financial services
  • Digital payment including bitcoin and blockchain derivatives

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