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Contactless Payments

Not just contactless payments but a full contactless checkout experience that is easy to implement, low cost, and works with any device your customer has. Turn your payment bottleneck into a customer self service experience. Stop implementing hardware and start serving customers. Let us show you how.


Why Choose XcooBee Contactless Payments?



There is no hardware or software to install. Nothing to rent or buy. As simple as a piece of paper is all you need. Asking for payment could not be easier. Implement the whole system in minutes. Generate payment codes easily for print or for embedding on your website.  Even create on-demand payment codes for print, text, or  email.



XcooBee self-service payment is built on the privacy and security technology of the XcooBee network. All information flows with encryption, built in blockchain-consent, user self-data management, and, of course,  incredible user experience.

Many ways

to Pay

You have many options to connect your preferred payment methods. You can configure credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and any number of other methods. By providing a simple and seamless platform for your users you allow your business to scale more easily.



Give your fleet of contractors or wait-staff simple contactless payment tools today. No dongles to loose, no need to call in. Safe data handling baked in. No hardware to implement. No extra cost per terminal. Integrate into many existing accounting systems.

A Flexible Contactless Payment Solution to Fit Today’s Needs

Online Experience

For Your Physical Store

In today’s difficult health environment we are facing unique challenges. Customers cannot enter stores or dine in restaurants. Yet, when it comes to payments, businesses are operating as if they could.

Customers still need to physically present cards  and sign paper. This leads to unnecessary health and virus exposure while also creating new bottlenecks. Businesses cannot process take out or pick up orders fast enough.

With XcooBee contactless payments, you have many ways to improve this process and protect the health and data of your customers. For example, you can easily send a payment request via text to your call-in customer when the order is ready. They pay on their phone and only come in to collect the item.

No waiting, no processing, no unnecessary exposure.

You are a restaurant and are using Uber-Eats or Grubhub for online ordering? Check out our calculator to see whether this is costing you your business.



Every day, your business is missing countless opportunities  to be more connected with your customers. XcooBee Payment is is a highly transparent technology that allows users interacting with you through our system to also clearly be asked for the use of their data for follow ups.

For example, information can flow automatically into your Mailchimp system for follow up and communication with the customer. Customers, of course, can control any element of this, and, at any time, change their mind. This is simple. Automatic. Transparent. And, not possible with your standard card processing.

Security, Convenience,

and Cost Savings

Our contactless payment technology does not require terminals, monthly rentals, scanner dongles, NFC chips, or complex implementation. It is simple to use and fast to setup. Your customers can use any kind of device to make and manage payments.

We have flat rate and transaction pricing models. We also do not interfere with your payment processor contracts. You bring your own Stripe and Paypal rates and use them with XcooBee payments.

Remote Workforce Payment Automation

Do you need to automate and field-enable your remote workforce with a secure and contactless payment processing tool? XcooBee has solved this challenged in a unique, low-cost, fast deployable way.


Your XcooBee subscription is loaded with tools that you can use. Fundraisers, online, offline event ticketing, membership payments, gift, and voucher programs, are just a small selection of projects you can create on the XcooBee platform. All included in your toolbox and ready to go.

Times are difficult and the future seems more uncertain every day. A virus does not make distinctions between colors, background, religion, or political beliefs. Neither do we. We are convinced we will get through this together !

XcooBee stands with you !

We cut the monthly and yearly subscription costs for XcooBee Business. You receive a 50% discount on rates until December 31st when you click on the button below to sign up.

Your month to month subscription cost goes from $69/month to $35/month. While on a yearly commitment the monthly rate drops from $49 to $25/month.