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Online Privacy regulations are making it harder to manage lead generation campaigns. As an agency, you have to make sure your lists are validated and your recipients’ rights respected. These processes can add friction and reduce conversion rates. We have a solution.


Why Choose XcooBee?

Privacy done


Data security, privacy rules and transparency are hardwired into the DNA of the XcooBee design to provide the best user experience.



Make your campaigns compliant with GDPR, CPPA and any new regulations in no time. Without writing any code.

Happy leads,

happy you

XcooBee encourages consent at scale by providing a seamless platform with a point system. That means more conversions for you.

Save precious


Unwanted emails can have a lasting impact. XcooBee helps sort out unqualified leads to save you precious time and resources.

A Solution for All Your Privacy Needs



XcooBee can separate data from consent and thus can collect and manage user privacy consent on your behalf. We present users with a time-frame and frequency at which their data is used, the type of data collected, and its intended purpose. We can also validate external lists such as existing customers or purchased leads. All this creates trust that you can build on for your own services.


See The Sentiment of

Your Campaign

Our innovative consent assessment system is AI driven and gives you insight into the true nature of the overall consent sentiment for your campaign. Go even broader and get an overall company consent sentiment in one glance. Then, drill into problem campaigns easily to see what is hurting. This is like a magic wand that lets you get leading indicators of how your customers feel about you and your campaigns so you can proactively address issues before they get out of hand. In short you will be able to detect trouble before it happens: Priceless!


Painless Privacy


Quickly get up and running with our Passive Registration Process. Bulk register your consent and offload consent and privacy management to XcooBee. XcooBee keeps the data tokenized, encrypted, and safe so that only the end-user can unlock it. You get assurance that privacy processes are followed for each registered consent. Your users can exercise all their privacy rights under CCPA or GDPR without you breaking a sweat: Ingenious!


Is Your Agency Compliant with the CCPA and the SHIELD Act?

A growing number of countries and states are implementing regulations to protect people online. The CCPA in California will go into effect in 2020. while the SHIELD Act in New York will be voted soon. If you do business in these states, you will be required to take measures to improve the way you collect consent from your leads.

XcooBee brings you up to speed in no time. We ensure your organization is compliant with CCPA, GDPR and all upcoming online regulations.