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A New Retail Experience

Consumers are shifting more purchases to online buying. With 1 in 4 consumers conducting 90% of their shopping online, retailers face an uphill battle to bring them back to the store. However, consumers are still willing to shop if given the right experiences.

At XcooBee, we have built a new retail experience that blends online behaviors and in-store shopping together. Consumers can use XcooBee without accounts or apps and have options to get personalized shopping assistance, which, in turn, can improve retail revenue. That is not all, we also added 3rd party shopping, approvals, recommendations engine and much more… all to help you drive more traffic to your store and keep your customers engaged.

Built for Safety


Safety is a large concern for shoppers. Only 30% feel truly comfortable returning to retail stores according to a recent Qubit study.  Thus, the current retail store designs that emerged around the time of the factory and industrial revolution are also in question.

Moreover, shoppers like self-checkouts. If given the chance, they will use a self-checkout kiosk more than 40% of the time. However, today’s self-checkouts rely on the old store models where everyone is expected to congregate in certain areas and use shared equipment.

At XcooBee we re-imagined what a store could look like where checkout is anywhere in-store, where assistance is only a tap away, where shoppers do not have to congregate in lines or near kiosks and there is no unnecessary touching of  equipment.

The result is not only a safer, faster and more convenient self-checkout experience, but also a more efficient operating paradigm for retail. Let us show you.

Easy Access. Easy Use.


All XcooBee interactions occur in a safe and contactless fashion on user owned devices. There is no sharing of equipment or touching of kiosks.

We took lessons from digital payment systems in Asia and expanded them to work for users in US and Europe. Our unique, smart QR code-based methodology is inexpensive for retailers to implement and easy for consumers to use. No rip and replace required, although we still support support NFC payments like Apple and Google pay, and can use UPC codes.

No App. No Account.

Every time you introduce another step into the path of a consumer you can expect a >40% drop in sales completion. This is also the case when users are required to create an account or download an app before they can shop.

Thus, the XcooBee system does not require either an app or an account. Any shopper can participate at any time by scanning a start code. All they need is the native camera app that comes with their device. Nothing else needs to be downloaded.

Your Brand

XcooBee can be fully branded to assume the look and feel of your existing retail brand. Many aspects of the XcooBee system, from the small icons to email messages, can be configured to match your brand guide requirements. This can, of course, happen in multiple languages with automatic detection of locales across the globe.

If you have tried to roll out a fully branded app in multiple regions, you will appreciate how easy XcooBee can be made to reflect your brand and image. Your shoppers will appreciate the ability to interact with you in this new way without having to download a new app.

Seamless Communication

XcooBee can be the basis for completely new shopping communication. You can easily add smart in-system messaging that allows your shoppers to get real-time help and recommendations. Customers no longer have to search for a store associate and wait to make a purchase. With a button click they can chat with store support, find aisle, get a recipe recommendation, order assistance, and even blend online and in-store orders.

Business Made Easier

With XcooBee you can boost your retail and hospitality business in several ways. XcooBee can assist with the in-store purchase process while saving the retailers time and money. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Process more transactions: Consumers use self-shop and checkout, reducing the need for stops and lines.

  • Reduce cost: Customers can receive assistance through the system, reducing the manpower needed in store.

  • Increase Revenue: The XcooBee system can be combined with recommendations-engines to make add-on sales. In addition, allowing 3rd-party and approval based shopping opens business opportunities with new segments.

  • New shopping models: remote shopping and blended on-line, in-store shopping brings new experiences to customers

Remote Shopping Info-graphic Example

More than Retail

For Business

  1. Process more transactions (speed + safety)

  2. Reduce costs by reducing hardware (nfc readers, pay-terminals, self-checkout kiosks)

  3. Capture more impulse purchases

  4. Introduce new remote shopping service and compete with Insta-Cart etc. without paying the commissions

  5. Make store operations more efficient

  6. Offer better store security using AI at checkout points to validate purchases faster and with more accuracy

  7. Ability to add blockchain validations to digital receipts

  8. Protects employees and shoppers

  9. Easy-to-access insight into store analysis and develop marketing programs for future business

For Consumers

  1. Convenience: checkout anywhere

  2. Safety: no unnecessary contact or waiting in line

  3. Pay with any digital methods including Apple and Google pay

  4. Faster transactions: checkout and exit

  5. Allow impulse buys: “Let me buy this for my neighbor”

  6. Approved purchase: College student can pick up items from a store while parents review and pay etc.

  7. Get help anywhere in store about products or suggestions

  8. Blend online and in-store: “Assistant: This item is sold-out in your store. Would you like for me to add for delivery tomorrow?”

Safe. Secure. Simple.

The Corona-Virus is our new reality and stores have to address the concerns of consumers that are reluctant to make a store visit. A high percentage (>30%) of consumers still feel uncomfortable returning to stores. This, combined with more traffic moving toward ecommerce, is making it a challenge to figure out how to get the customer back into the store.

At XcooBee, we believe in the three “S” theory: Safe, Secure, and Simple.

Safe: The utmost thoughtfulness needs to be taken to ensure a safe consumer shopping experience, and while there are many guides for this already, retailers need to challenge current store models that require lining up and congestion as well.

Secure: Customers want security and retailers are always looking for ways to offer more security. With Xcoobee payments are secure and sensitive information is protected in such a way that breaches and hacking is difficult to near impossible. Moreover, removing the standard checkout lane reduces the opportunity for in-store hackers. Xcoobee allows consumers to use their own devices to shop and checkout without sharing sensitive information with the retailer.

Simple: Our systems are easy to implement and easy for consumers to use. Xcoobee instituted the no app, no account, no sign up principles for this reason. Anyone can walk up and shop, easily and simply.

Experience: Retailers have the ability to change the way consumers experience shopping in-store. Eliminating the barriers of perception and concern of virus spread that are connected with in-store shopping, retailers can give consumers reassurance on safety, encouraging them to come back into the store once more.

Let’s have a conversation to see where the journey could lead.

Questions? We are here to help!


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