Sponsorships – Combine Fan Happiness & Revenue Opportunities

 — 64% of Fans would use in-seat ordering if available.

 — achieve 30% increase in order size.

 — boost order volume by 20%.

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Mobile Ordering


In-Seat Ordering

“Understanding the difference between Mobile Order and In-Seat ordering services is the difference between 10% ROI and 1000% ROI”

XcooBee In-Seat Advantages

  • Low upfront cost to implement

  • Combine food, beverage, merchandize, advertising, and data revenue

  • One user experience regardless of backend system(s)

  • Centralize and combine kitchens for multiple restaurants

  • Centralize and combine delivery for multiple outlets/restaurants

  • Service multiple outlets from one system, kitchen, or workflow to save staff and improve efficiency

  • Low friction and high user acceptance: no account, no download, no install needed

  • Win-win-win mindset

Nearly 100 % of Your Fans Have Small Screens

XcooBee combines that with F&B expertise and turns into a sponsorship revenue channel

Power Of Small Screen Sponsorship

  • Real time visitor analytics through embedded social media markers
  • Variable and customized incentives and campaigns
  • Device agnostic with low friction
  • Augmenting in-venue advertising strategy
  • Bringing interactivity to fan experience (mini-games, guess the next move, etc.)
  • Lead generation campaigns starters

No Limits , Rockets Included

You can get started incredibly quickly with XcooBee hospitality and scale without limits. All the component needed are at your fingertips. Content Management, Delivery Management, Kitchen Queue Management, Payment, Marketing, etc. All in one system. Ready to go. Start simply without any integrations and add what you need from Point of Sale (POS), to Property Management (PMS), to marketing and content connections. All is possible.
In short, scale transparently and quickly without losing sight of what is important: Hospitality technology should enhance the guest experience by making interaction safer, produce more meaningful guest insights, and create faster and safer transactions for all.

Amazing ROI

XcooBee combines efficient workflow that can reduce the need for staff, with multiple revenue streams and creates opportunities for you where none-existed. We also align our success with yours. We are only successful when you are successful.

The end result: Amazing ROI

Let us show you with your data how you can turn heads with your XcooBee ROI. 

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Let us show you with your data how you can turn heads with your XcooBee ROI.

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