Our enterprise solutions focus on turn key industry solutions in venue services, hospitality and retail industries. This includes automatic web-shops, innovative retail ordering, intelligent restaurant self-services, contactless field-payments, smart QRs that adjust without reprint, full user and group management, enterprise AD connectivity and many integrations, etc. Please see below for details on enterprise plans and we will get the conversation started.

Hospitality & Venue Platform


$/€ 49Hotel Process / Month
  • All direct ordering for pickup
  • Your digital menu management
  • Kitchen process tracking
  • Guest notifications
  • Smart QR Codes
  • Credit card acceptance
  • Only 1% order fee
  • Digital analysis dashboard
  • Multiple currencies and languages built in
  • $/€ 199 for first setup
  • Integrations, training, and custom processes options

In-Room + Delivery

$/€ 49Hotel Process / Month
  • All of the features in-room
  • Setup of all your digital menus
  • Administrator Training
  • Delivery system to guest
  • Only 4% per order processed
  • PMS / POS integrations options

Interactive Ordering

call usper restaurant
  • Full service restaurant experience
  • Staff, Kitchen, Guest interactivity
  • Detailed performance analysis
  • Staff workflow improvement
  • Boosted table revenue
  • Only 4% per order
  • PMS, POS integration options

venue + sponsorships

call usper venue
  • Add significant sponsorship revenue 
  • Support large and small venue with in-seat ordering
  • SmartQR and easy roll out
  • pickup or delivery
  • Include merchandize sales
  • Remote payment for children
  • Powerful data analysis
  • POS integration options
  • Run standalone or integrated

Privacy Platform

XcooBee is Risk-Free !

All our privacy subscription come with 14-day free trials. *

Shown pricing is based on annual subscriptions.


  • Universal tools for Access Requests and Complaints
  • Universal Consent Management
  • Secure Document Sending and Receiving
  • Secure contact-card sharing


  • Universal tools for Access Requests and Complaints
  • Universal Consent Management
  • Secure Document Sending and Receiving
  • Secure contact sharing
  • File Drop
  • Email Guard




$49month/yearly or $69/month

Enterprise Subscriptions

Do you need turn-key bespoke industry solutions for merchant services, retail, or hospitality? XcooBee solutions portfolio has you covered with industry leading and award winning innovation.  Our enterprise solutions focus on multi-user, white-labeled, high transactions needs. Please contact our team for more information. We would be glad to explore your specific needs to create custom fit solutions for you.

You can also Sign Up for Developer subscriptions. With developer accounts you can test out your solutions before committing. Developer accounts can only communicate with other developer accounts. You should take a look at our developer documentation. Alternatively, you can upgrade your free account to a developer account at any time.
For expanded details on each subscription level please see our documentation.

XcooBee Risk Free Subscriptions

At XcooBee we believe we should deliver value to our customers. We will not charge you a subscription fee for the first 14-days of your subscription. You can use XcooBee completely risk free and close your account at any time. To be fair, the refund offer will exclude any additional purchases during your trial period such as extra points, consulting,  professional, and IT services.



If you receive an Invoice from us and unless there are special terms governing your contract, all outstanding payments are due within 7 days.


Refunds are not available for partial subscriptions or custom work


Subscriptions can be cancelled any time but will run until their current term expires. There are no penalties.


We accept returns of merchandise shipped back to us within 30 days of delivery in new condition.