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Every dollar counts. We understand and stand with you.

Times are difficult and the future seems more uncertain every day. A virus does not make distinctions between colors, background, religion, or political beliefs. Neither do we. We are convinced we will get through this together !

At one point or the other all of us will need a hand. At XcooBee we appreciate what Charlotte has done for us and we will gladly extend a hand to all today.

Our tools can help with contactless payments, professional, and personal fundraisers, membership management, and many more projects that a small business generally needs but currently accesses through separate subscriptions.

Personal Tools

The Professional subscription has many of the tool you need for your small business including contactless payments, SupportMe, Voucher and Ticket sales.
We removed all subscription charges. There is a general 4% transaction fee that still applies but only after you used the platform to generate at least $12.

Business Tools

For non-profits and businesses that need flexibility with payments or fundraising in these times we suggest the business subscription. You can work through many channels such as web, social-media, offline, or email. XcooBee tools can be used to innovate. For example, we can show you how to turn your restaurant pdf dinner-menu into an online ordering powerhouse in minutes. You need more, e.g. sell vouchers, collect membership fees, ask for built in marketing communication, it’s included! We make it easy to reach people that you need to support you in these times. And, we keep you and them safe. We have lowered the fees to $5/month from $69/month for the Charlotte community and waived all follow on non-credit card charges.

Small Business & Non Profit


Support Local with XcooBee !

We removed all subscription costs from Professional subscription (normally $29/month) and reduced monthly Business / Non-Profit subscription cost for Charlotte by 90% to $5/month.

Your subscription costs are guaranteed for one year. All offers available until May 31st.

Please select the plan that works for you and thank you for being part of our vibrant, beautiful community.

$0/month for 1 year XcooBee Professional

Use this option for personal fundraisers and payment tools

$5/month for 1 year XcooBee Business

Use this if you are a business or non-profit needing more flexibility.

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Our tools are not only good for payments and fundraisers but also for your supporters and donors. Our tools help everyone to be better with privacy, transparency, and data management. This special offer ends May 31st.